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5 Best Types of Faucet Materials 

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Choosing the right material is important when planning to upgrade or replace your bathroom faucet. The material of your faucet affects not only its appearance and style but also its durability and performance. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at a variety of bathroom faucet materials to help you understand the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed choice. From brass to stainless steel, chrome to nickel, we’ll provide detailed information about the best bathroom faucet materials for your needs and preferences.


Brass faucets have always been popular in bathroom renovations, not only because of their timeless look but also because of the multiple advantages they offer.

brass faucet


brass faucets are known for their sturdiness and durability. They can withstand prolonged use and high-water pressure without being easily damaged. Once brass faucets are installed, they will likely last for years of service.

Corrosion resistance

Due to the natural properties of brass, it resists corrosion remarkably well. This property makes brass faucets particularly suitable for wet bathroom environments, as they are not susceptible to water corrosion or oxidation.

Different finish options

Brass faucets are often available in several other finish options to suit different décor styles. You can choose from shiny polished chrome or a more understated brushed nickel or antique brass look to match your bathroom décor.

They are typically more expensive than faucets made of other materials. Additionally, brass faucets may require regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their shiny appearance, as they may dull or develop spots over time.

Brass faucets are an excellent choice for sturdiness, classic style and superior performance. Whether your bathroom décor is traditional, classic, or contemporary, brass faucets offer lasting value and a desirable look.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel faucets are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathroom décor, and they are winning people over with their unique features and appearance.

stainless steel faucet

Modern look

Stainless steel faucets often have a clean, modern and sophisticated look that suits modern and industrial-style bathroom designs. Their smooth, stainless steel appearance makes them very appealing to the eye.

Corrosion resistance

Stainless steel is a very corrosion-resistant material and, therefore, not susceptible to water corrosion or oxidation. This makes stainless steel faucets ideal for wet bathroom environments and won’t rust or discolour.

Easy to clean and maintain

Stainless steel is easy to clean as the surface is smooth and does not readily adhere to dirt or limescale. Often, you must wipe it down with warm water and a mild detergent to maintain its shiny appearance.

While stainless steel faucets offer many advantages, some factors should be considered. Firstly, they can be slightly more expensive than taps made from other materials. Additionally, stainless steel faucets are usually only offered in a handful of finish options, so choices in terms of decoration are relatively limited.

Ideal for modern bathroom design, stainless steel taps may be the way to go if you’re looking for a minimalist, contemporary décor, and they will bring durability and sophistication to your bathroom.


Chrome faucets are an affordable and common choice for various bathroom decor styles. Here are the features and benefits of chrome faucets:

Chrome faucet


Chrome faucets are usually a more affordable option for limited-budget renovation projects. They offer a bright and shiny look without costing too much.

Bright appearance

Chrome faucets have a shiny chrome exterior with a mirror effect that makes the bathroom look brighter. This feature is handy for small bathrooms or spaces that lack natural light.

Easy to clean

Chrome surfaces don’t readily adhere to dirt or limescale, making them very easy to keep clean. You can easily wipe down chrome faucets with warm water and mild detergent to maintain their shiny appearance.

The chrome exterior tends to show water stains and fingerprints, so you may need to wipe it down more frequently to keep it looking flawless. Additionally, although chrome surfaces do not corrode easily, the chrome layer may flake off if there is damage or wear and tear, so maintenance is necessary.

Chrome faucets are an affordable and stylish option for many different bathroom renovation projects. They offer a bright look and easy cleaning options but require regular maintenance to keep their appearance intact. If you seek an opportunity that will brighten up your bathroom and are on a budget, chrome taps may be a good choice!


Nickel faucets are a popular choice, and they come with a variety of finish options and superior durability. Here are the features and benefits of nickel faucets:

Nickel faucet

Different plating options

Nickel faucets offer several other finish options, including brushed and polished nickel. Brushed nickel has a soft, matte look suitable for traditional or classic-style bathrooms. On the other hand, Polished nickel has a smooth, bright appearance that suits modern or contemporary décor.


nickel faucets are highly durable and are not susceptible to damage or corrosion. No matter which nickel finish you choose, you can expect your faucet to stay in good condition for a long time.

Corrosion resistance

Like other metals, nickel has good corrosion resistance. This makes nickel faucets ideal for wet bathroom environments as they are not susceptible to water corrosion or oxidation.

Nickel faucets can be slightly more expensive than other options, such as exceptionally polished nickel. Additionally, while they do not rust easily, if there is damage or wear and tear, regular maintenance may be required to keep their appearance intact.


Copper faucets have a unique look and charming ambience for traditional, classic, or rustic bathrooms. Here are the features and benefits of copper faucets:

copper faucet

Unique and rustic look

copper faucets are known for their unique look, and they can bring a warm and rustic ambience to a bathroom. Over time, copper faucets develop a natural layer of oxidation that produces a beautiful antique bronze colour.

Glamorous ambience

copper faucets can add a glamorous ambience to a bathroom, giving it a more characteristic look. They are suitable for bathrooms where the décor leans towards vintage or rustic, creating a cozy feel.


copper faucets are usually very durable and can withstand long periods of use and wet bathroom conditions. Although they can develop an oxidized layer, this layer can increase their resistance to corrosion.

Copper faucets are a very characterful and ambient choice for those looking for a traditional or rustic bathroom renovation project. They require extra maintenance but can bring a unique look and feel to a bathroom, adding a warm and classic atmosphere. If you prefer the look of antique brass, copper faucets may be a fantastic addition to your bathroom décor.


When choosing a bathroom faucet material, it is vital to consider your budget, bathroom design style and the water quality in your area. Whichever material you choose, remember to maintain and clean it regularly to keep your faucet looking great and performing.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional style, choosing the best bathroom faucet material for your needs will provide lasting value and satisfaction for your bathroom upgrade. George Bathroom has a wide range of faucets in different materials and designs that strive to meet your needs.

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