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      Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is probably one of our favorite places. The bathroom is responsible for the three needs of bathing, makeup, and toileting. More and more people pay attention to bathroom decoration and enjoy bathroom life.

      I believe you have seen many popular science posts for bathroom toilets and shower rooms. Today I want to talk to you about the topic of bathroom cabinets.

I. What are the classifications of bathroom cabinets?

1. Choose according to the cabinet material.

1) solid wood bathroom cabinet

      A solid wood bathroom cabinet is a bathroom mirror cabinet made of pure solid wood.

      The advantage of this type of product is that the appearance is high-grade, and the texture is relatively good. Still, the choice of wood, the moisture content of the wood, the spray painting process, and the edge sealing process will directly impact the moisture resistance and deformation resistance of the bathroom mirror cabinet. If the bathroom mirror cabinet surface paint treatment process is proper, the paint film is thick enough, and the paint is qualified, then the moisture resistance is no problem.

2) mdf bathroom wall cabinet

      MDF bathroom wall cabinet is an artificial board bathroom wall cabinet.

      The most commonly used artificial boards are multi-layer boards and particle boards. Many bathroom wall cabinets now use such artificial boards as the base material, because this board does not require high processing technology. MDF bathroom wall cabinets can be surface treated with different finishes, and the price is much lower than solid wood bathroom cabinets, so it is very cost-effective.

2. Choose according to the material of the countertop.

1) sintered stone

      Because of the wear resistance and high hardness of sintered stone, many businesses use sintered stone to make bath cabinets. If the sintered stone is used for dining table or cabinet countertops, just wipe it off in time, even if you sprinkle some oil on it. However, the water stains in the washing area are challenging to clean. It is recommended to choose sintered stone with high density and good quality and try not to choose dark colors.

2) ceramics

      Ceramic is the most common material in a bath cabinet, and the surface is smooth and easy to take care of, as long as it is dirty and wiped clean.

      And white is also suitable for various styles of space, and it is easy to be integrally formed, so the one-piece bathroom cabinets are primarily ceramics.

      In terms of price, it is also much cheaper than marble and the like, but the disadvantage is that the size of the ceramic bath cabinet is single, and there is no way to meet individual customization.

3) artificial stone

      In the field of bathrooms, the non-porous microcrystalline stone is an exceptionally high-grade material. This kind of stone is very durable, hardly absorbs water, and has high density. High-end bathroom brands in Europe and America especially like to use it to make a one-piece bath cabinet.

4) marble

      As a bath cabinet, marble has good rigidity and high hardness, is not easily deformed, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and easy to process. It can be arbitrarily cut according to different sizes.

3. According to the choice of size.

1)single & Double Pot Sizes

      The width of the single basin wash area must be at least 600mm to ensure the comfort of use.

      If you want double basins, the width of the wash area must be at least 1200mm, because, in addition to ensuring the average width of the person, you must also leave room for turning around, and there must be a certain distance between the two basins. The width of 1400mm~1800mm is a reasonable and comfortable distance for double basins.

2) cabinet size

      If it is an under-counter basin, the distance between the mirror cabinet and the bath cabinet is preferably 300mm~400mm. If it is a countertop basin, the distance between the mirror cabinet and the bath cabinet basin surface should be 300mm~400mm.

3) faucet size

      It is more appropriate to be 100mm-150mm higher than the bath cabinet. If it is too high, it is easy to splash water, which is not harmonious. If it is a countertop basin, it is recommended to use a high-footed faucet. It will look better if you buy a faucet about 100mm~150mm higher than the bath cabinet basin.

4)dimensions of custom cabinets and finished cabinets

      Usually, the bath cabinet is installed against the wall on three sides. If you want to customize the size, many people do not understand that even if it is a custom-sized bath cabinet, there will be gaps because even customization cannot be 100% tight. The gap is inevitable, and it is best to use mildew-proof glass glue to close the mouth when encountering a gap.

      Many owners who have renovated a house with a bathroom cabinet do not want to continue to use the one-piece ceramic basin. To keep up with the trend of the times, I will consider installing a sintered stone bathroom cabinet; not only is the appearance responsible, but the various styles of bathroom cabinets are relatively simple, and full of light luxury style.

      So, do you know the sintered stone bathroom cabinet? What are the benefits of choosing a sintered stone bathroom cabinet?

II. Do you know what sintered stone is?

      sintered stone is a kind of new material, which is specially processed through new material. Under the pressure of high temperature and high pressure, it inherits the hardness and high-temperature resistance of granite, abandons the heaviness of marble, and shows the fashionable texture of marble.

III. Why choose the sintered stone bathroom cabinet?

1. Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

      The hardness of the sintered stone reaches Mohs 6-7, and the diamond-level hardness is used to scrape back and forth without leaving scratches.

2. High-temperature resistance

      It will not change when exposed to an open flame of 2000°C.

3. High density and no dirt absorption

      Nano-level density, substantial impermeability.

4. Health and Environmental Protection

      It can be directly contacted with the ingredients and will not fade.

IV. How to match different styles of sintered stone bathroom cabinets?

1. Armani Limestone Slab

      Armani gray series sintered stone with black wood grain cabinet, long metal handle, make the light luxury style fully displayed.

2. Jazz White sintered stone

      The white jazz sintered stone is matched with the black wood grain cabinet, and the metal handle is full of texture, which makes the overall space of the bathroom highlight clean and straightforward.

3. Lauren Black Gold sintered stone

      Lauren’s black gold sintered stone is paired with a white cabinet. The layout takes into account the left-right and top-bottom symmetrical design. The owner still prefers this style to increase storage space and improve storage space.

4. Lauren Platinum sintered stone

      Laurent Platinum’s sintered stone is paired with a black wood-grained cabinet. Considering the installation method of the wall row, the bottom is suspended by 200mm, which solves the problem of hygiene without dead ends.

      I shared some questions about bathroom cabinets. I hope this article can help you. If you have any questions, you can contact George’s bathroom. Our professional team can answer you carefully.


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