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Art Wash Basin | Creative Bathroom Decoration Idea

With the improvement of the economic level, many owners have higher and higher requirements for decoration. Everyone has artistic talent, but their standards are different. Although the bathroom is a hidden private space, it can also show a person’s artistic taste and life attitude. 

Every corner and detail is worth our attention, whether it is lighting, tiles, bathroom cabinets, or bathtubs. Let’s open our minds, give full play to our imagination, and decorate the bathroom space with the most imaginative washbasin — Art wash basin, make it more exquisite, and bring us different life experiences.

Ⅰ. Carved Wash Basin

The pattern on the wash basin seems to carry the traces left over by years, causing a nostalgic meditation. The classical wash basin is matched with rustic tiles. The flexible pattern and color complement the style of ancient pottery, bringing you a different feeling. The wash basin is made by carving, scribing, and chiseling. The making method is generally called “carving flowers.” The patterns are elegant, flexible, or highly embossed, with ancient but not clumsy elegance and delicacy. The Wash basin with good quality, has a smooth glaze and is very convenient to clean.

Ⅱ. Ancient Color Wash Basin

With red, green, yellow, green, blue, and other colors, the auspicious patterns, such as auspicious clouds and peonies, express the flamboyant style of the prosperous times. The ancient color wash basin is indeed an expert with superb expressiveness. If you want to simplify, the bathroom should be as simple as possible. 

If its bright color matches the solid wood, it will achieve a balance of color. If it is an ancient and unsophisticated old elm bathroom cabinet, it will be simple, bright, charming, and gorgeous. Ancient colors used red, green, yellow, blue, and blue as materials and used flat painting techniques to paint on white porcelain. 

The wash basin using this technology is called an ancient color wash basin. Because it emphasizes the brushwork of lines, it is an important standard to check whether the lines drawn on the wash basin are exquisite and meticulous.

Ⅲ. Gold Decorated Wash Basin

The wash basin decorated with gold ornaments will float with dark gold after being filled with water. The flower patterns of gold ornaments are dignified, rich, and dignified. It is well-known that gold and red should be matched with each other. 

Here, we should remind everyone that if the mahogany bath cabinet is too damp to maintain in the bathroom, you can choose some solid wood bath cabinets with a similar color to the mahogany bath cabinet. If it is matched well, it will also have a good effect.  

Gold ornaments are divided into bright gold decoration, polished gold decoration, and corrosive gold decoration. Among them, the expression of corrosive gold decoration is compared; first, use the method of corrosion to make the patterned glaze roughen and hollow, and then apply gold on it. This way, there will be two layers of smooth surface and matte surface on the porcelain glaze.

There are three kinds of art wash basins we introduce to you, hope it will be helpful to you. Choosing an art wash basin is a good way to decorate the bathroom creatively. George Bathroom, as a supplier, can provide you with lots of ideas to  decorate the bathroom exquisitely and innovatively. 

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