Do You Know How to Install a Wall-hung Toilet?

Wall-hung toilet installation cover picture

For many bathrooms, wall-hung toilets are a desirable option because they are compact, simple to clean, and have concealed tank that create a seamless appearance. Case:  “I was apprehensive to use a wall-hung toilet in cabin’s bathroom. I didn’t know anyone who had installed a wall-hung toilet before me. I was aware of their popularity in Europe, and I […]

What to Know: Bathroom Vanity Dimensions

Bathroom Vanity Dimensions2

Renovating the bathroom vanity is one of the most essential ways to make the bathroom look new. As one of the most used spaces of the bathroom, you feel the direct effect of the change, which can also alter the whole aesthetic of your bathroom. If it has to be done well, knowing the exact […]

Wall-hung VS Floor-mounted Toilet

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Every family needs a toilet. It is not the most gorgeous thing, but without it, no bathroom can be complete. Many people neglect the toilet when designing or decorating the bathroom, but in present, toilets have a variety of styles and shapes. Therefore, it is worth taking time to consider which works best in your bathroom. […]

How to Design an Ideal and High-quality Bathroom?


As an indispensable part of each family, the bathroom not only needs to meet the daily washing function, but also reflects the owner’s life level and personal taste. The area of the toilet is only 3 or 5 square meters in many small units. Under the limited space, how to design and use the limited area […]

Art Wash Basin| Creative Bathroom Decoration Idea

Art wash basin cover picture

With the improvement of the economic level, many owners have higher and higher requirements for decoration. Everyone has artistic talent, but their standards are different. Although the bathroom is a hidden private space, it can also show a person’s artistic taste and life attitude. Every corner and detail is worth our attention, whether it is […]

What is the Best Bathtub?

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Nowadays, the pace of work and life is fast. When we get home after a busy day, if we can take a relaxing bath to get rid of our tiredness, it will be a great enjoyment. However, in the face of diversified styles and materials of bathtubs, we have no way to start.  Many people do not know how […]

Antonio Lupi | A Top Italian Sanitary Brand

AL Brand cover picture

In this blog, we George Bathroom, as a sanitary ware supplier, will introduce a top Italian sanitary brand—Antonio Lupi. It has 100% creativity, innovation and style made in Italy. Today, Antonio Lupi is a company with about 80 employees. At present, it has single brand exhibition halls or distributors in 52 countries. The year-end turnover in 2013 was up […]

How to Replace the Bathroom Floor Drain: Cleaning and Replacement Guide

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The drainage system of the family bathroom is composed of many bathroom accessories, among which the floor drain is an essential part. The installation of the floor drain not only affects the decorative effect of the bathroom but also affects the indoor air quality.  Floor drains are installed in multiple places around the home. Although […]

One-piece or Two-piece Toilet, Which is Better?

One-piece or two-piece toilet installation1

Toilets are an integral part of any bathroom. Whether you are decorating your house or your old toilet leaks and needs to be replaced, you will be faced with several choices when choosing new toilet supplies.  There are lots of kinds of toilets on the market, which can be classified according to size, specifications, and […]