Nowadays, people who pay attention to the quality of life are also paying more and more attention to the bathroom life, and the shower room has gradually entered every family. The shower room can save space, make the bathroom orderly, separate dry and wet in the whole space, and ensure the warmth of bathing in winter.

There are various types of shower rooms on the market. Consumers are inevitably confused when purchasing and installing. Next, the editor will tell you about the installation and purchase of shower glass.

Whether it is new home decoration or old home renovation, it is very important for the choice of the shower room. Regardless of the simple structure of the shower room, if you are not careful, you will buy crude and inferior products. Next, we will introduce how to choose and buy a shower glass.

1. The style of the bathroom glass door

There are many shapes of shower enclosures, such as straight shape, diamond shape, circular arc shape, L shape etc.

You can choose according to the size of your own bathroom. Generally, you can choose a circular arc shape and a straight shape for smaller spaces. The sliding door style saves space, and the use of glass overlaps in and out, while the diamond shape and L shape will take up more space. Better yet.

2. Tips for buying a glass shower door

1) The structure of the glass shower doors is composed of profiles and hardware. A good shower room profile folded plate is made of high-purity stainless steel, which has better anti-corrosion and durability effects. The general thickness is 0.8-1.2mm, which can be well supported and fixed function, and has a fine-tuning function to achieve installation accuracy.

2)The hardware hinges are also made of stainless-steel precision castings by polishing and polishing PVD vacuum ion plating, with rich shapes, excellent texture, excellent bearing capacity and aesthetics.

3)The largest part of the shower room is tempered glass, so it is very important to choose high-quality glass. It is necessary to choose the original glass from regular manufacturers, and the safety of the glass can be guaranteed through a strict tempering process. If there are too many impurities in the original, Opaque and bubbles, and incomplete tempering, all make the shower glass have a higher risk of self-explosion, and usually, the thickness of the glass is in the range of 6mm\8mm\10mm, not the thicker the better, generally 8mm.

4) Check the material and certificate of the bathroom shower glass to see if there are blisters or scratches on the surface of the aluminum alloy, including the smoothness of the overall surface, the smoothness of the use of hardware accessories, and focus on the sealing of the joint between the aluminum and the tempered glass.

3. Installation precautions for glass shower enclosures

First, the size of the bath glass doors must be designed before installing the bathroom glass. Pre-buried holes, the design of the water supply system, drainage system, etc. should be preset before installation, which can make shower doors for bath installation more convenient.

2) If the bathroom area is small and narrow, a shower room door can be installed, and the bathroom with a width of 60 cm can be installed with a shower room flat door; If it is less than 1.2 meters and more than 90 cm, it is recommended to make a triple-door shower room. If you plan to install a diamond-shaped or curved shower room, it is best to reserve a bathroom area of 80*80 or more.

3) It is best to put a layer of explosion-proof film on the glass shower doors during installation to avoid personal injury caused by the explosion of the shower glass panel. The installation of this explosion-proof film can prevent the fragments from flying around after the glass is broken, causing unnecessary personal injury.

4) Sliding glass shower doors must not forget to do the anti-skid treatment during installation. The ground can be treated with a pull groove with an excellent drainage effect, and this treatment can also separate its anti-skid effect better. You should install it during installation. A non-slip handrail can make you safer and better protect yourself when you use it.

The above is about the purchase tips and installation precautions of glass shower doors. For more content, please continue to pay attention to George Bathroom, thank you for reading.

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