New Villa For Wedding Couple

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Customer name:Kiran and Haj


Project type:New villa for wedding couple

Building materials:sanitary ware


Bathroom cabinet is deciding the style of bathroom, The bride takes the choice of bathroom cabinet seriously very much, she wants unique design and best quality, so she drew the ideal bathroom cabinet  design according to her idea, it is the bathroom cabinet design that bride draws by hand below.

New villa for wedding couple-1
New villa for wedding couple-2

Of course, we will also give customers some suggestions for adjustment according to the practicality and implementability of the bathroom cabinet,As can be seen from the picture, the drawing has been revised many times.

After the drawing was finalized, we began to communicate about material, color ,basin and handles one by one.

New villa for wedding couple-3
New villa for wedding couple-4

All communication was ready, and the production was arranged. After the production was completed, all the goods were inspected and photographed by our QC.

New villa for wedding couple-6
New villa for wedding couple-7

Not only the bathroom cabinet, but all the bathroom products were inspected and photographed, and the customer was very satisfied with all the products.

When the customer saw the actual pictures, he said a lot of amazing, perfect, nice and great,Customer satisfaction is our biggest motivation.

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