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How to Buy Bathroom Accessories – Material & Practical

Bathroom accessories generally refer to products installed on the walls of bathrooms for placing or hanging cleaning supplies, towels and clothes, generally hardware products, including: clothes hooks, single-layer towel bars, double-layer towel bars, single-cup rack, double cup holder, soap dish, soap net, towel ring, towel rack, dresser clip, toilet brush, etc.

If you want more choices, you’d better choose bathroom accessories supplier, from which you can also learn more knowledge about them. The style of bathroom accessories should be integrated with your own decoration style.

For example, the decoration of modern minimalist style should use simple accessories with silver surface, while European style or pastoral style should choose black or bronze accessories. If the style is matched properly, the accessories can be fully integrated into the bathroom space, creating a comfortable and elegant bathroom environment.

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Brief Introduction

Ⅰ. How practical are the bathroom accessories?

1. Towel rack

· The bathroom is a rather enclosed and humid space, and the walls are frequently covered in water droplets and mist. Therefore, it is better to choose a towel rack that is not too close to the wall while making your selection. Prevent the clothing from becoming tightly sealed, wet, moldy, and odorous after extended storage.

· The towel rack of your choosing should not only have appropriate hanging space, but also take into account the space between each rod to allow for adequate drying space for towels or clothing.

Towel rack
clothes rack

2. Clothes rack

· The towel rack provides a place to hang large bath towels as well as changed and wet clothes. But what about your clean clothes? Of course, find a clean place to hang it, which is why functional bathroom clothes racks are essential.

· Not only clothes, but also small items like face towels and hand towels can get wet when placed on the sink, so it’s best to hang them on the side where they’re easily accessible.

3. Double-layer corner basket

· Installed in corners, both single and double. Generally, we recommend using multi-layer racks, which can prevent the embarrassment of having too many washing supplies and no place to put them on the ground. 

· The bottles and jars are neatly and conveniently placed on the shelf. When taking a bath, you can squeeze the lotion with your hand, making it easier for seniors and children to use.

· Not only should the number of layers be considered, but also the available bathroom space. Select a shelf with a large capacity and a single-layer area large enough to accommodate large detergents.

double corner basket
Tissue roll box

4. Tissue roll box

· Everyone is familiar with the racks, but we sincerely advise you to select a fully enclosed tissue roll box because the open type will inadvertently get the tissue wet, whereas the fully enclosed type is not only waterproof, but also prevents the tissue from accumulating dust and absorbing moisture.

· In addition, pay attention to the capacity specifications. Many tissue roll boxes on the market are designed for cylindrical toilet paper. Some families find that the boxes are too large when they use the paper towels first, and the tissue roll box cannot hold a square pack of tissue. So it is safer to buy a slightly larger, round and square tissue roll box.

5. Toilet brush holder

· The toilet brush holder is an essential part of any basic accessory bathroom set. Many people believe that it is unnecessary because the toilet brush is rarely used and must be replaced on a regular basis, so there is no need to designate a shelf for him.

· However, if you do not have a toilet brush holder, the toilet brush will feel as if there is nowhere to put it after use, and even if placed in a corner, it will stain the floor and walls. In general, the bathroom floor will be damp, and the toilet brush will be easily damaged if it is not dry for an extended period of time. 

· The bathroom where the dry and wet are separated is concerned that the wet toilet brush will dirty the dry floor. So don’t be concerned; simply place a toilet brush holder next to the toilet, a short distance from the ground, and you will find a lot of peace of mind.

toilet brush holder

Ⅱ. How to choose the material of bathroom accessories?

1. Space aluminum

· Space aluminum is not pure aluminum, but a specially treated aluminum-magnesium alloy whose main component is aluminum oxide.

· The most significant advantage is its light weight. Metal has no thickness or texture in hand hand, but it has good load-bearing performance and can withstand heavier items. The overall cost performance is excellent.

· The surface of the space aluminum accessory is typically anodised, which raises the level of corrosion resistance and humidity resistance of the space aluminum. It is placed in the bathroom to create a cozier and more elegant atmosphere for home design while at the same time having a warm and delicate touch.

2. 304 stainless steel

· 304 stainless steel resists corrosion well, and because to its high chromium content, a passivation film will form on the surface to shield the stainless steel substrate from corrosion. Additionally, this material has exceptional load-bearing ability, high strength, and hardness, which makes it a great choice for producing bathroom accessories.

· 304 stainless steel has high technical requirements, but the surface treatment is flexible, it can be brushed or electroplated, and it can also be mirror-polished on the surface to present a high-gloss mirror look, which is still bright after long-term use, and is easy to clean. It’s very friendly for daily use.

3. Copper

· Copper, a material that is excellent for forming curves, is typically used to create high-quality bathroom accessories. Beautiful accessories, particularly those with classic European forms, are probably made of copper.

· Electroplating is used on the copper accessory’s surface. The best copper electroplating among all materials is well acknowledged. The coating on the surface after chrome plating is extremely metallic due to its higher electroplating adherence on the brass surface. It is a luxurious bathroom item. As a result, the cost will be significantly greater.

Ⅲ. How to install bathroom accessories?

1. How to install reasonably:

(1) Towel rack: It is mainly installed outside the bathtub, about 1.8m above the ground. Put the towel on the upper layer, and hang the towel on the lower tube.

(2) Double-bar towel rack: It can be installed on the empty wall in the center of the bathroom. When installed alone, it is about 1.5m off the ground.

(3) Single towel rack: It can be installed on the empty wall in the center of the bathroom, about 1.5m above the ground.

(4) Single cup holder and double cup holder: Generally installed on the walls on both sides of the wash tray, in a line with the makeup rack, and are mostly used to place toothbrushes and toothpaste.

(5) Toilet brush: Installed on the wall behind the toilet, and the bottom of the cup is about 10cm off the ground.

(6) Single-layer shelf: Installed above the wash basin and below the vanity mirror. The height from the washbasin should be 30 cm.

(7) Double shelf: Installed on both sides of the washbasin.

(8) Clothes hook: It can be installed on the wall outside the bathroom, with a height of 1.7m from the ground. It can be used to hang clothes in the shower, and can also be used in combination with multiple hooks.

(9) Corner glass shelf: It is mainly installed at the corner above the washing machine. The distance between the shelf surface and the washing machine should be 35 cm. For placing washing powder, soap, detergent, etc. .

(10) Paper towel holder: It is installed on the side of the toilet, where it is easy to reach by hand. It is not obvious. Generally, it is 60cm away from the ground.

installation method

2. The correct installation method of accessories:

(1) Prepare the small tools and small objects for installation first, and use the measuring tools to collect the required data in advance to determine the installation area.

(2) The bathroom accessory is generally installed on the base, and the position of the two holes of the base is measured first, and marked, and then drilled with an electric drill.

(3) Put expansion screws or other embedded parts into the holes, and tap them with a hammer to drive them into the holes.

(4) Fix the base of the accessory into expansion screws or other embedded parts, and then use a screwdriver to fix the base on the wall, and then tighten.

(5) Connect the main body of the accessory to the fixed seat. When connecting, pay attention to the details. The interface must be tightened and docked well. Generally, the hexagon socket screw is fixed with an Allen wrench, which is more labor-saving.

fitting easy to install

With our selection of bathroom accessories, you can be sure to have all the extras you require for your morning and evening routines. With numerous sets of freestanding accessories to add a stylish edge to the space and a large number of towel rings to make it easy to hang your towels nearby. 

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