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Nowadays, when many consumers renovate their bathrooms, most of them are not concerned about the practicality, but the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. However, we must consider both practicality and aesthetics when choosing bathroom products. 

Just like the modern pedestal wash basin in the washbasin that we often use, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing and using it later? Next, let’s discuss it together.

Pedestal wash basin

Ⅰ. Choose the pedestal wash basin according to the size of the bathroom

1. Select pedestal wash basin according to the applicable space:

Pedestal wash basins are more suitable for bathrooms with small area or low usage rate (such as guest bathrooms). Generally speaking, most of the modern pedestal wash basins are very simple in design. Because the drainage components can be hidden in the pillars of the main basin, it gives people a clean look, neat appearance. When washing hands, the human body can naturally stand in front of the basin, so it is more convenient and comfortable for people to use.

2. Consider the length and width of the installation location:

If the width of the countertop is greater than 52 cm and the length of the countertop is less than 70 cm, we can choose a pedestal wash basin, otherwise choosing a counter basin will affect the decoration effect; secondly, we should pay attention when installing the pedestal wash basin, do not affect the door switch, and consider if there is a suitable drain outlet and the installation of the water pipe is correct.

3. Select modern pedestal wash basin according to the material:

We must pay attention to its material when choosing, and should focus on ceramics, mainly ceramic glaze, because the glaze will be directly related to the quality of the product. Actually, we can observe it under strong light, and a good glaze is no sand holes and pitting, the glaze surface is smooth, delicate and flat. The better the quality of the glaze surface, the lower the water absorption rate, and such a smooth glaze surface has strong anti-fouling and is more conducive to cleaning.

4. Choose a variety of styles:

Nowadays, in addition to the traditional white, there are many artistic modern pedestal wash basins, glass modern pedestal wash basins, etc. When choosing the style of the pedestal wash basin, you can choose according to the style of the bathroom and your own preferences.

5. Product quality:

Nowadays, most of the pedestal wash basins on the market are made of ceramic materials. For such wash basins, the ceramic glaze is very important, and the glaze will directly affect the quality of the product. If the surface is smooth and delicate, it means the product is of good quality. 

In addition, it is necessary to carefully observe the surface of the product, try to observe whether the product has defects such as trachoma and pitting under strong light, and the glaze surface is smooth, delicate and flat. In addition, the water absorption rate is also an important basis for the quality of the pedestal wash basin.

Ⅱ. Pedestal wash basin and bathroom matching skills

1. Style and material should be coordinated.

The bathroom is simple or more traditional, and traditional ceramic column basins can be used. 

In addition to pure white, ceramic column basins also have a variety of artistic printing modern pedestal wash basins, which are suitable for those who pursue simplicity and love fashion and beauty. 

Those who like modern and futuristic can choose stainless steel or glass pedestal wash basin.

2. Harmony in color.

The color of the pedestal wash basin largely determines the overall color and style of the entire bathroom. When choosing bathroom cabinets or bathroom furniture, try to choose no more than three colors to avoid dazzling.

3. Coordinate with other furniture.

In addition to color matching, let the pedestal wash basin coordinate with your furniture, which is generally dominated by bathroom cabinets. 

For example, a square pedestal wash basin will be a better match with a square bathroom cabinet. 

At the same time, it is better to choose the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, and do not place it near the column, so as to avoid the cabinet body becoming moldy and unsanitary.

Ⅲ. Precautions for installation of pedestal wash basin.

1. Height

Whether it is a freestanding or desktop washbasin, the height of the pool surface or the countertop from the ground should be 80-85 cm, because a pool that is too short will cause back pain.

2. Depth is proportional to intensity

Water splashed on the body, which is probably the point that consumers feel very uncomfortable. Conventionally, the depth of the washbasin is proportional to the strength of the water flow of the faucet installed on it.

That is, a deep pool can be installed with a faucet with strong water flow.

 Never install a thick faucet on a pool with a shallow bottom, which can cause people to splash themselves when the water is used. The bottom of the pool should have enough curvature, not too flat, otherwise water will accumulate in it.

3. Smoothness

The edge of the washbasin must be slightly higher than the countertop, but the connection with the countertop must be smooth. 

So that the water splashed on the countertop can be wiped back into the pool without hindrance, and at the same time, it is convenient for the cleaning of the countertop. 

The countertop itself must be made of a material with a smooth surface, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid bumps. 

The finish of the washbasin itself is also very important. The pool surface with high finish makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of times of scrubbing.

4. Space determines form

Washbasins are roughly divided into two types: freestanding and desktop. The stand-alone model is beautiful and occupies a small area. 

But it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or a toilet rack, so as to use the space above the pool to place some toiletries and cosmetics. 

The desktop washbasin occupies a large area. Toiletries can be placed on the countertop, and sundries can be placed in the cabinet below.

Ⅳ. Installation methods of pedestal wash basin

Ⅴ. Maintenance and cleaning methods of pedestal wash basin

1. Cleaning of the upright basin

(1) Oil stains, water stains and dirt are easy to accumulate after long-term use. You can use sliced

     lemons to scrub the surface of the basin, wait for a minute and then rinse with water, and the basin 

     can become bright.

(2) When the stain is too serious, you can use the safe bleach in a glass bottle, pour it into the bottle 

      and soak it for 20 minutes, then wash it with a towel or sponge, and then wash it with water.

2. Maintenance of the column basin

(1) Remember not to wipe the surface with scouring pad or sand powder to keep the surface smooth.

(2) Do not pour boiling water into the glass pedestal wash basin to avoid cracking. It is recommended

      to use pure cotton rags, neutral detergents, glass cleaning water, etc. for cleaning, so as to maintain

      long-lasting bright and new. 

When decorating the bathroom, we choose the wash basin not only to consider the aesthetics, but also to consider the practicality. The above article describes how to choose a pedestal wash basin, and I hope it can help you a little. Our George Bathroom is a one-stop building material supplier, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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