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How to Choose High-Quality Faucets for Your Hotel

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Table of Contents
High-Quality Faucets

There is no gain in saying that selecting high-quality faucets is crucial in ensuring overall hotel plumbing fixtures’ quality, durability, and functionality. The design elements of the hotel bathroom and kitchen also rely on the aesthetic brilliance of the faucets chosen. In today’s polarised market, where we have countless faucet options, choosing the best faucet can be tricky. This article will walk you through choosing high-quality faucets with our expertly curated step-by-step guide that provides you with the knowledge you need for an error-free selection. 

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What Are Faucets

Faucets are indispensable devices that play a crucial role in hotel guests’ overall bathroom experience. The extensive roles that faucet plays in the hospitality realm can not be overestimated. This is apparent in its importance in regulating the release of water that allows reasonable access to water in the controlled manner that we deem necessary. Faucets are created in different styles, configurations, and materials, such as stainless steel, brass, chrome, etc. The array of fixtures available also contributes to the beauty ethos of hotel bathroom design. The simple mechanisms that faucets work on include handles or levers for turning on and off the water. There is also a brilliant innovation that controls water temperature and flow rate. This level of innovation depends on the type of faucets chosen, including single-handle, touchless faucets, and double handles.  

Types of Faucets 

Each faucet comes with its unique features and functionality. These are created to cater to guest needs regardless of their preferences. The following are the common types of faucets. 

Single Handle Faucet

Single Handle Faucet

This type of faucet consists of one handle or lever to control water flow and temperature. It’s a space-efficient solution for hotel kitchens and bathrooms with smaller spaces. 

Double Handle Faucets 

Double Handle Faucets

Double-handle faucets are the direct opposite of the single-handle one. This type of faucet has a separate handle for cold and hot water. It requires more space and coordination to adjust to the desired temperature. 

Pull Out and Pull Down the Faucet 

Pull Down the Faucet 

These are the most popular hotel kitchen faucets with a spray head that can be pulled down or out from the sprout. It’s more flexible than any other faucet, allowing cooks to reach different areas of the sink easily. 

Sensor or Touchless Faucets 

Sensor or Touchless Faucets 

Touchless or sensor faucets are high-tech varieties that use motion sensors to detect the presence of a hand to turn the water on or off. It’s a hygienic idea that reduces water wastage. 

Bar Faucets 

Bar Faucets 

These are smaller-sized and compact faucets that you see in hotel bars or prep areas. It is ideal for filling glasses or rinsing used items.  

Importance of Faucets to Your Hotel Kitchen and Bathroom 

People often take the essence of faucets for granted, but in the realm of importance, they play one of the most essential functions in maintaining the visual appeal of the hotel bathroom and kitchen. The following are the importance of faucets to hotel kitchens and bathrooms. 

Water Control

Everyone’s preference is to have the utmost control of all aspects of their lifecycle, including the hotel bathroom and kitchen. Faucets are key components that give control over water access. This allows guests and chefs in the kitchen to gauge the temperature and flow of water. Making it one of the most indispensable daily activities like dishwashing, hand washing, vegetables, and even face cleaning. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

The design ethos that makes up faucets significantly contributes to the kitchen and bathroom’s overall design and interior decor. Myriads of styles and finishes include a sleek modern look, rustic design, and other traditional elements. These are the right types of faucets that can enhance a hotel’s overall ambiance. 

Water Efficiency 

The rising energy cost worldwide has necessitated optimizing modern faucets that help hospitality businesses save money on water bills and reduce their environmental impact. Most faucets nowadays come with aerators and other water pressure regulators that are there to serve this purpose.  


Regardless of the number of uses or the turning stress guests might subject faucets to, there won’t be any significant effects. High-quality faucets are built to withstand this type of stress that comes from frequent use. This is a good thing that reduces the cost of replacement or repairs. 

How to Choose High-Quality Faucets: Step-By-Step Guide 

The importance of faucets to hotel kitchens and bathrooms necessitates a careful and thorough examination of the type of faucets you should choose. This is crucial to ensure hotel plumbing fixtures exude longevity, functionality, and overall guest satisfaction. 

Determine Your Budget

Determining your budget is a prudent step in your faucet-buying process as a hotel manager. You need to consider the hotel’s overall finances and the amount that can be allocated to purchase faucets. Research each price range for each high-end faucet through online or physical stores and also factor in the installation cost, which can be gotten through the plumber. 

Identify Hotel Needs and Preferences

The next step is to identify hotel needs and preferences. The best way to do this is to look at the used and your style preference. For instance, if the hotel mantra values simplicity, you should choose single-handle faucets. If the brand is prized on the hygienic side, Touchless faucets should be your choice. These are the key decisions you should make as a hotelier regarding the business needs. 

Check for Certifications and Standards

Checking for the faucet certification and standards ensures the selection of those that meet the industry-approved safety standards. Such standards include the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). There are also relevant certifications like WaterSense, Uniform Plumbing Code, and Eco-friendly certification. 

Measure Hotel Sink and Installation Requirements

Get a professional plumber who will define the hole configuration, and spacing and identify the requirements. This can be done by examining the hotel sink countertops to see how many holes are present. Then, proceed to select faucets that match the hole configuration. 

Purchase and Installation

Once you’ve got the perfect hole configuration, the next step is to order the chosen faucet from a reputable supplier. This stage also requires extreme caution in choosing your choice supplier. Ensure you read their reviews and confirm the warranty before placing your order. There are various qualified plumbers out there that can assist with the installation. Ensure you find one out of them and discuss your faucet installation requirements with proper details about the sink. Lastly, ensure the installation is well done to prevent leaks and other issues. 

Maintenance and Care For Faucets 

Proper care and prompt maintenance of issues of the faucets are the recipe for extended lifespan and efficient functioning. This saves cost and maintains the overall visual appeal of the hotel kitchen and bathroom. Here are the tips on how to care for and maintain the faucets. 

Regular Cleaning

Ensure the faucet is cleaned daily with soap and a mixture of vinegar and water to prevent grime and dirt buildup. 

Soft Cloth 

Use a soft microfiber cloth to ensure the cleaning is done seamlessly to avoid scratching the faucet surface. 

Avoid Chemical Cleaning 

Do not use hard chemical cleaning products or abrasive pads to ensure the faucet finishes maintain its finely tuned surface. 

Rinse Thoroughly 

After cleaning, rinse the faucet with clean water to remove any residue from the cleaning agents. 

Polish the Faucets 

Faucets manufactured with chrome or stainless steel shiny surfaces require abrasive polish after cleaning to maintain their luster outlook. 


Choosing a high-quality faucet relies on various factors, including identifying your needs, setting your budgets, and certification checks. By following these steps, you empower yourself with the ultimate knowledge to select faucets that meet your requirements and go with your design choices. The crux of maintenance is another important factor that is outlined to maximize the faucet’s lifespans and performance. With George Bathroom as your trusted faucet supplier, you can confidently select, purchase, and install the perfect fixtures for your kitchen or bathroom. Enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetics while enjoying lasting quality and convenience.

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