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Pedestal washbasin

Pedestal washbasin was once the darling of every home and commercial space before being phased out of the bathroom fixtures ecosystem. But right now, pedestal washbasin is returning with the newfound value it exudes in providing practical solutions to bathroom needs. Pedestal washbasin boasts extensive benefits, including space optimization and upliftment of the overall bathroom decor, making it a darling of all once again.

You are also looking for a way to choose the best among the extensive collection of pedestal washbasins in the market. This article delves into the basics and advanced process of choosing the best pedestal washbasin for hotels. We look into the factors to consider: material choice, size considerations for hotel bathrooms, compliance, and all other necessary aspects. 

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What is Pedestal Washbasin 

Pedestal wash basin is one of the prominent types of bathroom sink that offer practical solutions to your bathroom needs. As the name implies, the pedestal washbasin combines a basin and a lower vertical column called the pedestal molded into a single piece. The basin is the wider component that serves as the point of attachment of the faucet holes and the lower vertical column.

At the same time, the pedestal provides support for the basin to rest upon and hides the drainage pipe. Pedestal Washbasins are durable fixtures made with various materials such as ceramics, glass, marble, or stone, offering a sleek and modern look. 

Types of Pedestal Washbasin

The dynamics and versatility attributed to pedestal washbasins emanate from different stylistic designs. Different eras come with distinct needs and customer preferences. Pedestal washbasin designs are categorized into modern and traditional types. Each of these gives rise to distinct variations to fit each era.

Traditional Pedestal Washbasin

Traditional Pedestal Washbasin

The timeless look, decorative taps, and elegant curvy designs endear traditional pedestal washbasins into the hearts of many. They are available in a variety of materials, like ceramics and porcelain. This forms the basis of traditional pedestal washbasins available in various shapes, including oval, round, and square.  

Modern Pedestal Washbasin

Modern Pedestal Washbasin

Modern pedestal washbasin can be the focal point of hotel bathroom plumbing fixtures. The well-defined minimalist design ideas and eye-catching flawless shapes conform with the modern contemporary need. Modern Pedestal washbasins are made of marble or stone materials that blend into an immersive and warm experience that guests enjoy. 

Half-Pedestal Washbasin

Half Pedestal Washbasin

This type of washbasin is the best choice to optimize the hotel bathroom space. A pedestal washbasin is a variation of a traditional washbasin but stands at half the height. This is a good option for limited space to create a feeling of roominess for guests. The brilliance is that you do not have to worry about the shortened pedestals. The ingenious design of a half-pedestal washbasin is enough to hide the water pipes. 

Corner Pedestal Washbasin

Corner Pedestal Washbasin

This is another variation of the traditional pedestal washbasin but with slight modifications to the basin. Corner pedestal washbasins are designed to fit into corners of the hotel bathroom to save space. Fired into this type of washbasin is a delicate, exquisite gaze of powdered glass that ensures a lifetime of durability, visual appeal, ease of cleaning, and resistance to microbes.

Material Used for Pedestals Washbasin 

There are varieties of pedestal washbasin that you will find in the market. Each material has characteristics that efficiently impact its durability, ease of maintenance, and functionality. Here are the most commonly used materials used for pedestal washbasin. 


This has been regarded as the most widely used material for bathroom washbasin. Ceramic basins are famous for their durability, affordability, and extensive designs. You will always get it right by choosing this option for your hotel. This is because of its wide range of shapes and sizes that can fit comfortably into any existing bathroom fixture. Ceramic materials are similar to porcelain ones but have distinct variations that set them apart. 

Marble or Stone 

The intricate and smooth lines that are archetypical of this type of pedestal basin distinguish them from the other options on this list. Marble washbasins are modern designs that create a stunning focal point for the hotel designs. Stone washbasins created opulent appearances in the bathroom due to their natural variation. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for that blend of sophistication and functionality. 


The timeless appeal that porcelain washbasin exudes makes it popular among classical enthusiasts. Porcelain washbasins are unique for their glossy finishes and resistance to scratch. Additionally, they are easy to clean and require standard cleaning agents. This makes porcelain washbasin the ideal choice for a high-traffic hotel bathroom.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Pedestal Washbasin

Getting the best out of the washbasin market is the dream of every decision-maker. This process involves numerous essential steps and factors. From budgeting, interior design themes, and durability to accessibility and compliance, it forms the backbone of making the best out of your choice pedestal washbasin. The following are the expert-recommended factors to consider before choosing a pedestal washbasin.

Budget Considerations

It is essential to have your budget in mind when choosing a pedestal washbasin. This will allow you to narrow your choice among the hordes of washbasins in the market. You need to understand the scope of the hotel bathroom renovation by determining how many bathrooms will require pedestal washbasins. Proceed to conduct market research to know the market price of pedestal washbasin. It is essential to balance cost and quality while factoring in hidden costs, such as accessories and other needed fixtures. 

Coordination With the Hotel’s Interior Design and Theme

As we said earlier, there are numerous design varieties of pedestal washbasin. It is imperative to denote the hotel interior design and themes before choosing a pedestal washbasin. For instance, choosing a marble or stone-crafted washbasin for a hotel bathroom with traditional design and themes will cause a mismatch, leading to a flawed quest experience. Coordinating washbasin designs with hotel design and theme will create an immersive environment and delightful guest experience.  

Size of The Hotel Bathrooms

Hotel bathroom space and size requirement is one prominent factor that must be satisfied. You can do this by measuring the bathroom’s dimensions to get the size of the wash basin proportionate to the available bathroom space. Your choice of washbasin should either overpower the hotel bathroom space or appear too small and insignificant. For instance, a compact washbasin-like cloakroom is ideal for smaller bathroom spaces. 

Compliance with ADA standards

American with Disability Act compliance is a fundamental consideration that promotes inclusivity. The act states that the washbasin should be mounted at a maximum height of 34 inches above the floor. This is important to accommodate guests that make use of wheelchairs. Furthermore, the allocated floor space before the washbasin should measure 30 inches wide and 48 inches deep. Ensure you select pedestal washbasins that are explicitly designed to meet these requirements.  

Location of Existing Hotel Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures 

It would help if you looked into the waste connection of the existing plumbing fixtures and the water supply route before deciding on your choice of pedestal washbasin. For instance, if the pipes are barely open, you should conceal them before installing any pedestal wash basin. Additionally, if you have an existing half-pedestal washbasin in the hotel bathroom, choose a like-for-like replacement to reduce the cost of reworking the space. 

Essential Installation Tips for Pedestal Washbasin 

Installing a pedestal washbasin is a seamless exercise you can do yourself or hire a professional. The straightforwardness of this process requires utmost attention and correctness to ensure functionality and consistency. The following are the essential installation tips for pedestal washbasin. 

Shop the Best Pedestal Washbasin 

Selecting the best pedestal washbasin should not be rocket science or turn into a painstaking process. This is because your choice will impact the hotel’s overall performance and guest experience. By carefully eliciting our expert selection guidelines and factors such as hotel space requirements, materials, budget considerations, compatibility with the hotel interior design, and alignment with the establishment’s needs, you will have the best out of the pedestal washbasin market.

At George Bathroom, we understand the essentiality of a suitable washbasin and how it contributes to the exciting guest experience. Therefore, you can elevate your hotel and homes with exquisite George bathroom collections of pedestal washbasins that set you apart and curate an unforgettable guest experience. Browse through the George Bathroom collection today and make the right choice. 


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