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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Vanity Design

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Table of Contents

The choice of bathroom vanity is crucial to the functionality and appearance of your bathroom. No matter how much space you have in your bathroom, you can choose the right vanity to suit your needs and preferences. This guide will take you step-by-step through making an informed decision so that you have the perfect vanity for your bathroom, from space considerations, material choices, budget arrangements and final installation.

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Vanity styles and types

Single vs. double sink

Single Sink Vanities: Single-sink vanities are suitable for small or single-occupancy bathrooms. They tend to be more space efficient, but offer limited storage and countertop space.

Double Sink Vanity: Dual sink vanities are suitable for bathrooms with multiple occupants, such as master bathrooms. They offer two separate sinks, making it easy for multiple people to use them simultaneously. However, they usually require more space.

Mounting types

Freestanding vanities: Freestanding vanities are the most commonly chosen vanity style. While they are securely attached to the wall for stability, most of their weight is supported by legs resting on the floor. This design provides ample space for cabinets and drawers, optimizing storage capacity under the sink.

Floating/wall-mounted vanities: These vanities are mounted directly to the wall, creating an open space below. The sleek and modern floating style gives the bathroom a more spacious look and can be adjusted to the desired height for added comfort and convenience.

Vanity styles and types

Corner vanities: Corner vanities are ideal for smaller bathrooms with 90° corners. They are designed to save space and offer storage solutions, making them a flexible option for room layout and organization.

Traditional vs. modern

Traditional Style Vanities: Traditional vanities often feature classic design and decorative elements such as carvings, vintage hardware and warm colors. They are suitable for those who prefer a traditional or classic decorative style.

Contemporary Style Dressers: Contemporary dressers tend to have a minimalist, crisp look and usually feature simple lines and neutral tones. They are suitable for people who prefer modern and minimalist styles.

Material selection


Solid Wood Vanity: Solid wood vanity has a natural beauty and warm look. They can be made of wood such as oak, cherry or pine. However, they can be sensitive to dampness and moisture and require regular maintenance and protection.

Plywood and MDF: Plywood and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) are wood products that are usually coated with a surface material. They can mimic the appearance of solid wood but are more resistant to moisture. However, they can show wear and tear over time.


Plywood vanity: Plywood vanity is made of multiple layers of plywood stacked together for strength and durability. They are relatively resistant to humidity, making them a reliable choice.


Laminate vanity: Laminate vanity has a coated surface and is available in various colors and textures. They are easy to clean but may not be as durable as other materials in terms of scratches and wear.

Stone (Granite, Marble, Quartz)

Marble Vanity: Marble vanity has a gorgeous look, and each stone has a unique texture. However, they must be sealed regularly to prevent water seepage and scratches.

Granite Vanity: Granite vanity has a sturdy surface that is highly resistant to heat and scratches. They are durable but may need to be resealed to prevent water seepage.

Quartz Vanity: Quartz vanity is an artificial stone with an even color and texture that is easy to maintain and clean. They are highly resistant to moisture and scratches.

Material Selection

Sink styles

Undermount Sinks: Undermount sinks are the most common sink style and are installed beneath the cut-out in the countertop. They are known for being easy to clean and for maximizing counter space.

Drop-In Sinks: Drop-in sinks are installed on top of the countertop from above. These sinks feature a raised lip that holds them in place.

Vessel Sinks: Vessel sinks are bowl-shaped and sit atop the countertop. They are easy to install and give your bathroom a fresh and modern look.

Integrated Sinks: Integrated sink vanities are designed with a sink built into the countertop, creating a seamless piece. The sink material matches the countertop material, adding a cohesive element to your bathroom.

Storage and organization

Storage and organization options for your dressing table are crucial to the functionality of your bathroom. Not only do you need to consider storage needs, but you also need to ensure that the vanity can accommodate your toiletries, makeup, and other essentials. Here are some considerations for bathroom vanity storage and organization:

Number of drawers and cabinets

Number of Drawers: Drawers are ideal for storing small items and toiletries. Multiple drawers will help you keep your items organized and keep your bathroom tidy.

Number of Cabinets: Cabinets are often suitable for storing large items such as towels and toiletries. Consider how much cabinet space you need to accommodate these items.

Shelves vs. closed storage

Open Shelves: Open shelves provide easy-to-access storage space and are good for displaying decorative or frequently used items. However, they need to be kept tidy to prevent stacking and clutter.

Enclosed Storage: Enclosed storage (such as drawers and cabinets) can help hide clutter and keep items tidy. They also help protect items from dust and moisture.

Vanity accessories

Pull-out trays: Some dressers have pull-out trays that can store cosmetics and jewelry for easy organization.

Mirror storage: Some dressers feature mirror storage for brushes, lipsticks, and other frequently used cosmetics.

Power outlets: If you need to use electrical appliances, such as hair dryers or straighteners, on your dresser, consider choosing a dresser with a built-in power outlet.

Storage and Organization

Vanity hardware styles

The style of bathroom vanity hardware can significantly impact the overall look and aesthetic. Hardware includes elements such as drawer knobs, cabinet pulls, faucets and sinks. Choosing the right hardware style can help enhance the decor of your bathroom. Below are some common hardware styles:


Antique Knobs: Antique-style vanities often use delicate metal knobs like brass or copper. These handles may have intricate textures and decorations.

Decorative Details: Classical style hardware often includes floral patterns, carvings and decorative details to create an elegant atmosphere.

Colors: Dark woods and rich colors are often paired with classic styles to emphasize a traditional feel.


Minimalist Knobs: Modern bathroom vanities use minimalist and geometric knobs such as chrome or stainless steel. The design of these handles focuses on clean lines and simplicity.

Clean Lines: Modern hardware is characterized by clean lines and minimalist design. This style usually coordinates with modern bathroom designs.

Color: Modern bathrooms often use bright neutral colors such as white, black and grey to emphasize simplicity and openness.


Mixed Style Knobs: Traditional vanity hardware often blends traditional and modern elements. It may have the lines of traditional knobs but with modern materials.

Balance: Transitional style hardware aims to balance traditional and modern elements, creating a classic and contemporary look.

Colour: Transitional styles often use neutral colors or warm tones to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Vintage or retro

Vintage Handles: Vintage or retro-style dressers may feature historic handles such as ceramic handles or iron handles.

Emphasis on character: This hardware style emphasizes unique character and a sense of history that may be associated with a particular era or culture.

Color: Vintage styles often use strong colors and vintage patterns to enhance their uniqueness.


When choosing a bathroom vanity, you must consider practicality, personal style and overall design. This guide provides you with enough information to make an informed decision. Whether you are renovating a new bathroom or want to update your existing vanity, choosing the right vanity will bring convenience and beauty to your bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a classic, modern, transitional or vintage style, George Bathroom has a wide variety of options for picking the bathroom vanity that best suits your needs. If you have any questions or need further advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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