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After a busy day, taking a nice bath can wash away your tiredness and improve your sleep quality. And a perfect bathing experience is inseparable from an excellent modern shower head.

An excellent modern shower head can improve bathroom comfort while enhancing the style of the bathroom. However, there are various modern shower heads on the market, and the quality is uneven. How should we choose the right modern shower head?

I. Observe the appearance.

1. Plating

An excellent modern shower head body is made of all copper. The surface should be polished, dust-removed, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, and other treatment processes. The outer surface should be flat, smooth, and beautiful with multi-layer electroplating.

In the case of sufficient light, the surface of the modern shower head faucet should be as black as a mirror, without any oxidation spots or burn marks.

If you try it with the method of breathing, the quality of the faucet coating that the fog on the modern shower head surface disappears quickly is better.

2. shower head

The materials of shower heads on the market are divided into plastic, metal, and silicone materials. High-quality shower heads generally use safe and environmentally friendly high-quality silica gel as raw materials, which are soft and anti-aging.

The well-designed shower head is exposed, which is easier to clean. It can be cleaned by hand, and the shower water will be more natural.

3. Bathroom accessories

Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of use. It would help if you were careful when choosing the flexibility of water pipes and lifting rods, lifting rod control, hose material, anti-tangle design, new storage racks, etc.

II. Focus on the inside.

1. water pipe body

The primary raw materials of rainfall shower heads are brass, alloys, etc. The good pipes are all made of copper. Some businesses will use cast iron pipes to pretend to be full copper pipes.

Hold the pipe body and release it after 2 or 3 seconds. If the mist on the pipe body does not disperse for a long time, it is likely to be a cast iron pipe.

2. Spool

The spool is the essential part of the rainfall shower head. A high-quality rainfall shower head generally adopts a high-strength ceramic valve core, which has good sealing performance, high wear resistance, and prevents bubbling and dripping.

III. Consider functionality.

1. Out of the water

When choosing hand held shower head, you must see the water. A well-designed hand held shower head can ensure that the amount of water distributed by each nozzle is the same.

When selecting, let the hand held shower head tilt the water out. Suppose the top spray hole is small or not at all. In that case, it means that the internal design of the hand held shower head is very general, and the user may not get the corresponding comfortable experience.

2. Water saving

The multi-stage function of water saving shower head is mainly to adjust the water outlet through different outlet holes to achieve the effect of water saving.

The new water saving shower head can split water into millions of tiny water particles like raindrops. This kind of design saves about 30% more water than an ordinary shower head and improves bathing comfort.

3. Self-cleaning

The new high-quality rainfall shower head is made of water-repellent material and does not touch the water. Just like the dew on the lotus leaf, the water is spotless without residual moisture after passing through.

A good rainfall shower head can improve the style of the bathroom and improve the quality of life and even make us fall in love with bathing. Therefore, I think that within the budget, it is best to buy a rainfall shower head of better quality.


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