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How to Choose Your Bathroom Basins?

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Choosing a suitable bathroom basin is an important step in renovating your bathroom, as it plays a key role in functionality and aesthetically influences the entire bathroom’s design. Whether you are undertaking a new bathroom renovation or want to replace your old bathroom basin, a variety of factors need to be carefully considered to ensure you make an informed choice.

In this article, we’ll look at choosing suitable bathroom basins, including factors to consider, the different types of available ones, and how to choose based on your needs and preferences.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Basin

1. Bathroom size

When choosing a basin, it is important to consider the sizes and styles available to ensure you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

In today’s compact modern bathrooms with limited space, wall-mounted and corner basins are excellent choices.

Pedestal basins are a classic choice for many home bathrooms.

It is important to remember that the basin you choose should only take up a little space and create clutter on your bathroom floor.

Bathroom size

2. Basin height

It is ideal for the basin to match your waist height, ensuring convenience during use.

This comfortable height provides space for a vanity unit beneath it and allows easy access to a mirror above the basin.

The intended users of the basin can also influence the suitable height. Suppose you anticipate children or elderly family members who may struggle with extended periods of standing. In that case, consider lowering the basin’s placement or exploring height-adjustable washstand options to enhance usability.

3. Mounting options

Different basins have specific installation options tailored to suit various bathroom layouts. Consider, for example, a Corner basin strategically situated to make the most of a bathroom’s available space. At the same time, a Countertop Basin seamlessly integrates with a worktop or vanity unit, offering a practical and stylish solution for your bathroom needs.

Mounting options

4. Basin taps

After settling on the basic style of your choice, the next consideration is the number of tap holes. The predetermined number of tap holes in the basin, created during manufacture, dictates the type of taps you can select.

The majority of basin sinks available in the market come with a single tap hole.

This prevalence is mainly due to the popularity of mixer taps, which conveniently blend hot and cold water, facilitating easy temperature adjustment. Single mixer taps also align with modern design aesthetics, harmonizing with contemporary styles.

Nonetheless, if you have a penchant for traditional aesthetics, you should explore basins equipped with two tap holes.

5. Location of Existing Plumbing

When making your basin selection, it’s imperative to consider the current placement of your water supply and waste connections. For instance, if you presently have a corner basin, you might opt for a similar replacement. Likewise, if your plumbing lines are not concealed within the wall, you must address this before installing a wall-mounted basin. It’s worth noting that while it is possible to reposition waste connections and plumbing, this can incur substantial costs, making it a factor to consider carefully.

Different Styles of Bathroom Basins Available

1. Suspended Bathroom Basins


  • Suspended or wall-mounted bathroom basins are usually hung on the wall without touching the floor. This design is handy in small bathrooms as it saves floor space and makes it appear more spacious.


  • Suspended bathroom basins usually require unique wall support structures so installation may require additional engineering work. This can add to the cost of installation.
  • As suspended bathroom basins sit on the wall, they usually have limited storage space, so additional bathroom cabinets or storage solutions will be needed to compensate for this.

This type of bathroom basin is usually very modern and suits contemporary and minimalist bathrooms. They offer a light feel and suit people who want their bathroom to look airier and brighter.

Suspended Bathroom Basins

2. Countertop Bathroom Basin


  • Countertop bathroom sinks are one of the most common types, and they are installed on bathroom counters or countertops. They provide ample storage space, allowing you to use the underside of the sink as a storage area.


  • Countertop bathroom sinks require an additional counter or countertop, which can add to the cost of the décor and require more maintenance and cleaning.

This type of bathroom sink is suitable for a variety of bathroom sizes and styles. To meet your decorating needs, you can choose from various countertop bathroom sinks made of different materials, including tile, ceramic, stone, and stainless steel.

Countertop Bathroom Basin

3. Pedestal Bathroom Basin


  • Pedestal bathroom basins, or under-mount bathroom basins, are usually supported by a separate post or bracket. They offer a unique look that suits both traditional and classic-style bathrooms.


  • Pedestal bathroom basins usually require more space as they are generally larger and require more floor space.
  • Installing a Pedestal bathroom basin may require professional installation as its weight and structure need special support.

This bathroom basin creates a sense of luxury, especially when combined with stone countertops or marble columns.

Pedestal Bathroom Basin

4. Integrated Bathroom Basin


  • Integrated bathroom basins are usually one-piece units installed in an integrated countertop, creating a seamless look. This design is suitable for modern style bathrooms that emphasize simplicity and a seamless look.
  • Because integrated bathroom basins are one-piece, they are easier to clean as there are no gaps or seams for dirt to accumulate.


  • Integrated bathroom sinks usually require a specific size countertop or counter, so they may need to be custom fabricated, which can add to the cost.
  • Once an integrated bathroom sink is damaged or needs to be replaced, repairs can be more complicated and expensive.
Integrated Bathroom Basin

5. Semi-Recessed Bathroom Basin


  • Semi-recessed bathroom basins are sinks mounted on a bathroom counter or countertop, but unlike countertop bathroom sinks, their top edge is usually slightly higher than the countertop. This design provides a floating look along with some storage space.


  • Semi-recessed bathroom sinks may require custom counters or tabletops to ensure they accommodate the height of the sink. This may add to the cost of the renovation.

Semi-recessed bathroom sinks are suitable for various bathroom styles, from modern to traditional, because of their versatility. They are relatively easy to install and can accommodate different countertop materials.

Semi-Recessed Bathroom Basin

6. Fully Integrated Bathroom Basin


  • A fully inset bathroom sink is a sink that is completely embedded in the countertop or counter so that its surface is flush with the countertop. This design provides a smooth and seamless look, perfect for modern bathrooms.


  • Fully inset bathroom sinks usually require custom fabrication of the countertop or counter, which can lead to higher costs.

Advantages of fully recessed bathroom sinks include ease of cleaning because there are no gaps or seams, as well as their overall appearance enhancing the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

Fully Integrated Bathroom Basin

Selection According to Needs and Style

Advice for small bathrooms

Suspended bathroom basins: Suspended bathroom basins are usually better suited to small bathrooms than countertop bathroom basins as they do not take up floor space and maximize wall space.

Corner Bathroom Basins: Corner bathroom basins are also a good choice as they make the most of corner space, leaving more floor space.

Suggestions for large bathrooms

Dual Basin Bathroom Basins: Large bathrooms are ideal for double basin bathroom basins as they can cater to more than one person simultaneously, offering more convenience.

Pedestal or integrated bathroom basins: these luxurious bathroom basin types can add decorative value to a bathroom, giving it a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Advice on choosing a modern style

Bathroom basins made of ceramic or glass: these materials are often matched with modern styles as they have a clean, sleek, and minimalist look.

Integrated bathroom basins: Fully inset bathroom basins can provide a continuous, seamless look to a modern bathroom that fits in with the integrated style of contemporary design.

Advice on choosing traditional styles

Ceramic or marble bathroom basins: these traditional materials often harmonize with classic, traditional styles and bring an old-fashioned, elegant atmosphere.

Pedestal bathroom sinks: Pedestal bathroom sinks are great in traditional bathrooms because they bring a classic and sophisticated look, often combined with marble or stone counters.


When choosing a bathroom basin, it is important to consider not only the size, style, and decorative needs of your bathroom but also your usage needs and budgetary constraints. Choosing the right bathroom basin is a crucial step in decorating your bathroom, as it affects the look of your bathroom and your everyday life. By thinking deeply about the various factors, you can ensure that the choice is sensible and fits in with your family’s needs and personal tastes.

For more bathroom basin products, please get in touch with George Bathroom.

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