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How to Design an Ideal and High-quality Bathroom?

As an indispensable part of each family, the bathroom not only needs to meet the daily washing function, but also reflects the owner’s life level and personal taste. The area of the toilet is only 3 or 5 square meters in many small units.

Under the limited space, how to design and use the limited area to maximize the use of space is the key to improving people’s bathroom experience. So how to design an ideal and high-quality bathroom? Now let’s take a look.


Ⅰ. Layout design of bathroom

★ The area of the bathroom is limited. When designing, we should distinguish the key points, which are necessary and which are not.

1. What functions are required?

In the daily life of most people, shower, toilet and washbasin are three functions that must be possessed by the bathroom space. For non essential functions such as bathtubs and urinals, if the bathroom area is small, it is not recommended to install them.

2. Bathroom layout design principles

① Dry and wet separation, design external wash basin

First, between the toilet and the shower room, it is necessary to separate the dry and wet. The usual practice is to separate the glass shower room from the shower curtain; The wash basin is generally recommended to be placed in the aisle area, so that when someone goes to the toilet in the morning, other families can brush their teeth and wash their faces on the wash basin, so as to improve the functional utilization rate of the bathroom space.

② Reasonable layout design, spacious and safe

In terms of the frequency of use, wash basin>toilet>shower. Therefore, when designing the moving line of the three, the wash basin, toilet, and shower room should be arranged from outside to inside, which can not only keep the dry area dry but also shorten the moving line of daily bathroom activities.

Ideal Bathroom-layout design of bathroom

Ⅱ. Water and electricity layout of bathroom

★ Although the bathroom area is small, there are many hydro-power layout designed in it, so reasonable layout design is particularly significant.

1. Waterway layout

① Drainage

Drainage is a very essential thing in the bathroom. A reasonably arranged drainage system can make the bathroom space more dry and tidy.

② Arrange water pipes

The arrangement of water pipes in the bathroom mainly includes the wash basin, shower room and toilet. If the washing machine is placed in the bathroom, the water supply pipe should also be added. It should be noted that the water supply in the bathroom is cold water and hot water. When the cold and hot pipes are arranged, it is also recommended to add a return pipe. In this way, the effect of installing a water heater as “zero cold water” is better, which can improve the use experience of hot water in the bathroom in winter.

2. Circuit layout

The circuits in the bathroom include: lighting, bathtub, intelligent toilet, hair dryer, electric water heater, etc. According to different bathroom designs, the circuits that need to be reserved are also different. Because the bathroom area is small, in order to avoid the embarrassment of blocked sockets, it is recommended that you plan in advance and install waterproof bottom boxes.

Ideal Bathroom- Water and electricity layout of bathroom

Ⅲ. Toilet installation and water and electricity reservation

★ The toilet installation in the bathroom is a difficult place in the decoration. If you don’t think carefully, it is easy to have the socket blocked by the toilet.

Space size

According to the size of the residents, a certain size should be reserved on both sides of the toilet to sit in. Therefore, the width of the toilet installation location should generally be more than 70cm, and enough moving lines should be reserved on the outside of the toilet. The toilet itself is about 74cm long, while the aisle should be more than 60cm.

Drain contamination hole spacing

According to different toilet styles, the toilet hole spacing is 35cm and 45cm. The consideration of toilet hole spacing is mainly related to the layout of sewage pipes in the early stage.

Toilet angle valve

The width of the toilet is about 40cm, and the angle valve is left about 25cm from the toilet hole to the left and right of the middle point, and the height is about 20cm.

Smart toilet water and electricity separation

For the sake of safety, if the smart toilet is selected, it is suggested that the design of water and electricity separation is to set the socket and water supply pipe on the left and right sides of the toilet respectively.

Power position of smart toilet

The height of the toilet is about 70cm, so according to the style of the smart toilet, the power supply installation height is about 45-60cm, and the installation distance from the center of the drain hole is about 25-30cm.

Ideal Bathroom-Toilet installation and water and electricity reservation

Ⅳ. How to solve the storage problem in the bathroom?

The storage of the bathroom is generally the bathroom cabinet matched with the wash basin. It can not only purchase finished products, but also be customized, depending on personal needs and space conditions.

The benefits of the bathroom cabinet are obvious, because it does not take up too much space, but also can meet the basic storage needs, so that all toiletries, towels and sundries can be hidden in the invisible.

In addition, large capacity mirror cabinets, embedded niches, simple partitions, etc. can also maximize the use of facade space, which not only effectively reduces the visual burden, but also makes the entire space look cleaner.

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Ideal Bathroom-How to solve the storage problem in the bathroom

The smaller the bathroom space, the more functional and practical the product selection. The above are some introductions on how to design an ideal and high-quality bathroom by George Bathroom, hope it will be useful to you. Our George Bathroom, as a supplier, can provide you with lots of ideas to decorate the bathroom exquisitely and innovatively. We have a professional team, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we are online 24 hours to help you. 

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