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How to Flush a Tankless Toilet Without Water

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Sometimes, we may experience a sudden water outage in our homes, which can be a challenge for any household, especially if you need to use the toilet. With traditional tank toilets, you may still be able to flush using the remaining water in the tank. But with tankless toilets, things get a little more complicated. So, how do you flush a tankless toilet without water? In this article, we’ll explore that question.

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How Tankless Toilets Work

A tankless toilet, as the name suggests, is a toilet that does not come with a tank. Its flushing system relies directly on the pressure of the water supply in your home. When you flush, it brings water to flow directly from your home’s water supply line and then flushes the waste down the drain through a specific flushing mechanism. This type of toilet is usually equipped with an efficient flushing system that ensures ideal cleaning results with every flush.


How Much Water is Needed to Flush a Toilet

The amount of water needed to flush a toilet varies by make and model. In general, most toilets require about 1.6 to 3.5 gallons (about 6 to 13 liters) of water per flush. Tankless toilets, because they were originally designed to save water, usually use less water, around 1.28 gallons (about 4.8 liters).

However, in the absence of water, we need to consider not only the amount of water needed to flush but also how to ensure that the flush is effective. Therefore, to ensure that the waste is completely flushed away, we may need to use slightly more water.


How to Flush a Tankless Toilet Without Water

Flushing a tankless toilet can become difficult when there is a sudden water outage in your home. But don’t worry, there are several ways to help you out:

Spare water

Always have some spare water on hand, such as stored drinking water or rainwater. When you need to flush, simply pour water into the toilet to simulate a normal flushing process. Make sure you use as much or slightly more water than you would for a normal flush to ensure waste is completely flushed away.

Use a bucket

If you don’t have a spare supply of water but have another source of water nearby (such as a river or lake), you can use a bucket or other container to get water. While this may not be the most convenient method, it is very effective and versatile in an emergency. When pouring into the toilet bowl, mimic the arc of the flush by starting from the side and increasing the speed slightly to create water pressure to quickly flush away the waste. Be careful not to let the water splash out during the process.


Avoid Frequent Use: Minimize the number of times the toilet is used when water is not available. If possible, consider using a public restroom or a neighbor’s bathroom.

Use Wet Wipes: To minimize flushing, you may want to consider using wet wipes to clean and then placing them in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet.

If you have a tank toilet in your home, you can also just open your tank, manually fill it with water, and turn on the flush button to flush away the waste. Here you can see a comparison of tank toilets and tankless toilets.


While tankless toilets are designed to save water and simplify the installation process, flushing them without water can present some challenges. Fortunately, with a few simple methods and strategies, we can still ensure that the toilet works properly. Most importantly, always be prepared for the unexpected by making sure you have an adequate backup water source in your home and knowing how to manually flush your toilet in an emergency. This way, you can ensure the hygiene and comfort of your home whenever you need it!

In this blog, we’ve covered a wide variety of toilet flushing systems, so if you happen to need to know about those, you can click through: Toilet Flushing System: What It Is & How Does It Work?


1. Can a tankless toilet be flushed without power?

Yes, a tankless toilet does not rely on a power source to flush. It flushes directly using the pressure of your home’s water supply. Therefore, even in the absence of a power source, a tankless toilet can still flush properly as long as your home’s water supply system is working.

2. Where does the water for a tankless toilet come from?

The water for a tankless toilet comes directly from your home’s water supply line. When you flush, it introduces a flow of water directly from the water supply line and then flushes the waste down the drain through a specific flushing mechanism.

3. What is gravity flushing?

Gravity flushing is a method of flushing a toilet that utilizes the gravity of water. In this system, when you press the flush button, the water stored in the tank is flushed into the toilet using gravity to carry away waste. This is the most common toilet flushing system because it is simple, reliable, and does not require additional electricity or complicated machinery.

4. Are tankless toilets more water efficient?

Generally speaking, a tankless toilet is designed to save water. Because it flushes directly using the pressure of the water supply, it is often possible to more precisely control the amount of water used for each flush. As a result, tankless toilets are usually more water-efficient than conventional tank toilets.

5. Are tankless toilets suitable for all homes?

Tankless toilets are suitable for most homes, but when choosing one, it’s best to make sure that your home’s water supply has adequate pressure. If the water supply pressure is unstable or too low, the flushing effect may be affected. Before purchasing, it is advisable to consult a professional or manufacturer to ensure that a tankless toilet is suitable for your home.

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