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How to Install Smart Toilet Properly to Enjoy the Best Using Experience?

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Table of Contents

The wrong installation of smart toilets can lead you to face several issues. Common issues include instability, improper functionality, and uncomfortability. Apart from this, you can also face financial and time loss. To avoid these issues, you must have in-depth insights on how to install smart toilets properly. 

Smart Toilet

Unlike traditional toilets, installing smart toilets demands special knowledge and expertise. You don’t need to worry, as this article aims at providing you with in-depth information and knowledge. You can follow this step-by-step process to install your smart toilet properly. Get familiar with the tools and materials you need to begin the process. Sounds curious? Let’s dive right in!

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Smart Toilet – An Overview

A smart toilet refers to a toilet with additional features and functionalities. It comes with complete automation. The seat opens up and closes automatically. Besides this, it offers you self-warming, cleaning, massaging, and lighting. 

You can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water as per your suitability. Smart toilet allows you to use it with remote, voice commands, or even mobile applications. The features of the smart toilet are incredible and eventually add to your comfort and convenience.

How To Install Smart Toilet Properly – Step By Step Process

The installation of the smart toilet requires some materials and tools. You cannot make an appropriate installation without these tools and materials. Find out the information about these materials and tools below:


  • Hacksaw
  • Wirecutters
  • Sealant gun 
  • Measuring Tape
  • Bubble Leveller
  • Sharp Knife
  • Screw Drivers
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Metal File
  • Straight Ruler
  • Marker Pen


  • Smart Toilet
  • Screws
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Gap Filling Compound

Before Beginning Installation

There are a few things you need to consider before beginning the installation of the intelligent toilet. These things are as follows:

1. The installation of the toilet requires three types of connections. The first connection is the water connection which will assist in flushing. The second is the electrical socket/connection. This will help in efficient smart toilet work.

Third is the waste pipe which will take the toilet waste to the sewage system. Before beginning installation, ensure the installation location has all these connections in place. If you are going to install the toilet the first time, you need to deal with the routing or re-routing of pipes. Without these connections, you cannot install your intelligent toilet.

2. Another thing which you need to consider is to turn off the main water supply. After that, open any tap to release the water pressure within the lines. This will assist you in effortless installation. 

3. Ensure the waste pipe’s edges are smooth and level with the wall or ground surface. For this purpose, you can use the metal file. The location of the waste pipe decides the type of toilet you choose. If it is on the ground, then select the back-to-wall intelligent toiler. Choose a wall-hung or wall-mounted toilet if the connection is on the wall. 

Toilet Frame Installation

Some intelligent toilets come with a frame. The frame facilitates making connections such as electrical, flushing, and waste pipe connections. The toilet frame contains a built-in water tank. The frame offers the standard installation per smart toilet requirements without influencing the other parameters.

You can install this frame on the back of the plaster wall directly on the studs. Let’s start the installation of the structure:

1. First, install the stud on the wall on the wooden frame to begin the installation. To do so, measure the height you will install this stud. Make sure the stud easily facilitates the installation of the frame bolts. Keep the stud at an ideal level. Cross-check by using a bubble leveler. 

Install Smart Toilet 1

2. Use the screws in an inclined direction to ensure a tight fit. After that, use a marker and locate the center of the stud. Match this center with the center of the frame. Now use the marker to mark the points through the slots in the toilet frame feet. Drill the holes in these marks. This will ensure the sturdy installation of the frame.

Install Smart Toilet 2

3. Before fixing the frame cross check the level by using the bubble leveler. Check the horizontal level and the vertical level in each direction. This will assist you in achieving the optimum operation of the intelligent toilet. After leveling the frame, fix the screws and the washer to achieve optimum tightness. 

4. If necessary, drill a hole in the stud using the drill and an appropriate bit. This will help you pass through the water inlet. 

Dealing With Toilet Frame Connections

Now start adding up connections to your toilet frame. 

1. First, connect the valve on the flush tank of the toilet frame. The valve has the washer and other essentials to ensure the water-tight installation. You can also use the gap-filling compound for this purpose.

Install Smart Toilet 3

2. After the fixation of the inlet valve, use the adjustable wrench to connect the water pipe to the inlet valve. Now install the accessible switch on the stud, and combine it with the power supply. This will ensure the supply of electric current.

3. Now you need to extend the waste connection. For this, connect the offset pipe to extend the length of the waste pipe. This will let it pass through the waste closet. Ensure that the waste closet of the toilet frame is 3 to 4 cm behind the waste pipe extension. This will assist you in making the waterproof and proper connection.

Install Smart Toilet 4

4. After this, pass the electrical and water conduits through the frame. This will help you later with the shower or water tap connection. 

Install Smart Toilet 5

5. Please note that some toilets have a flushing plate integrated with the b-day. They work as one. In that case, you don’t need a transformer to make an electrical connection. This is because the flush plate requires low electricity, and you need to use the 240-volt electrical connection. Transformers assist better in this regard. You get two 240-volt wires, one for the flush plate and one for the toilet intelligent system. 

Installing Studs for Strengthening the Frame

In this step, you can install the horizontal and vertical studs to extend the height and width for fixing the wooden frame. This will help you cover the frame behind the wooden frame. 

Install Smart Toilet 6

Use the drill, screws, measuring tape, and hacksaw to do so. This will assist you in calculating the studs and cutting the studs as per requirement. The drill will help you in making holes through the studs. Later you can put in screws with the help of a screwdriver. After building the wooden frame. Now insert the spikes, the first one at the location of the flush plate and the second on the toilet connections side.

Install Smart Toilet 7

Now cut the wooden piece as per the dimensions of the spikes. Later paste the silicone sealant on the toilet frame to ensure tight sealing of the wooden and toilet frames. The option exists to install the toilet on the wooden frame while keeping the spikes in. Or you can leave it depending on your bathroom decor. 

Install Smart Toilet 8

After gluing the wooden and toilet frame, you can insert some screws and washers to ensure rock-solid installation. This will keep the components in place and prevent them from moving. 

Installing the Flush Plate and Smart Toilet

1. First, cut off the spikes that you put in to prevent the dislocation of the flushing plate and toilet connections. Use the hacksaw for this purpose and cut off the plastic spikes to meet the level of the tile wall. 

Install Smart Toilet 9

2. Now first, make the water connections. For this purpose, use the T-shape connector. Now connect the water pipes that come with the frame. You do not need to use any compound while making these connections as they come with an o-ring structure. Also, you don’t need to over-tight them. Just use your hand to tighten the connections optimally.

Install Smart Toilet 10

3. Install the backup if you want. This will assist you in getting the 10 flushes in case of power outages. Now cover the opening with the plat. The key role of this plate is to prevent the popping out of anything. Fix the plate with screws in place.

The plate also provides the foundation for the installation of the flush plate. Now install the flush plate over the base plate and make electrical connections. Connect the two-point wire with a two-point connection, the three-point wire with a three-point and the four-point wire with a four-point connection.

Install Smart Toilet 11

4. Now install the toilet for that first and make an electrical connection. Use the locking nut and rubber washer to make an appropriate connection. Now remove the protective area and insert the waste pipe extension. After this, insert the flushing pipe extension in the flushing outlet. Make sure to put the rubber washer on that.

Install Smart Toilet 12

5. After that, insert the two bolts you will use to fix the toilet piece. Now bring and align the toilet with the bolts. Before inserting the bolts within the toilet piece, put the silicone glue on the back side appropriately. This will help you stick the toilet on the back. Now use the washer and tighten the nut over the bolts to fix the toilet in place. 

Install Smart Toilet 13

Toilet Seat Installation

The final step is the toilet seat installation. You need to align the seat with the holes within the toilet piece. Later insert the screw with the washers to fix the seat with the toilet. Now connect the water and electric lines to the toilet pieces with the seat. Now fix the toilet. A little click will make you notice the appropriate fix.

Install Smart Toilet 14

Finally, fix the remote cover on the wall with screws and place the remote inside. Now turn on the water system, test your toilet to see if it works properly, and check the stability. If no issue lies with the installation, it is ready to use. 

Install Smart Toilet 15
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