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Typical Issues That the Majority of Customers Might Encounter

Inability to install the product after receiving it, or the seller did not provide a detailed installation guide.

Would like to purchase from China but lack of import experience and no custom procedure to follow

How to inspect the products quality, what is the warranty and after-sales service, etc.

Browsing, filtering and selecting the suitable style is a time-consuming job on your own.

What We Do and What We Can Offer

George Bathroom has been in the sanitary ware production business with a fully-owned factory which produces water closets(toilets), ceramic basins, pedestal basins, bathtubs etc.

With years and years of manufacturing bathroom products since our inception, we have continued to invest in the business for the past ten years, now we are well-positioned to supply quality units and have proved that we have the adaptability to provide higher quality products to clients as requested.

Combined with prudent cost control and operational efficiencies, we have succeeded in rolling out more than one hundred model items and selling them in core regions and business area.

Focus on navigating mass production and maintaining cost management, we have made meaningful progress on our strategy to drive robust growth for long-time partners.

With the help of our leadership and know-how experience, we’ll continue to work to leverage production capability and operational insights to offer very affordable products to wholesalers, distributors and sourcing agents around the globe.

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Commonly Asked Questions about One-piece Toilet

Obviously, the one-piece toilet can have a more creative and eye-catching design, and because the one-piece toilet is molded, there are obvious advantages in durability and maintenance costs. It is easy to clean, so there will be less room for bacteria to multiply

In general, as long as you confirm that the specifications of the two toilets are the same, you can upgrade the split toilet to an one-piece toilet. This is just a small project.

Generally speaking, the price of a one-piece toilet is about $500 to $1300, which can be a lot of money when you add labor costs. We will provide the most favorable factory quotation, which can save you 20%-40% of the budget

We will pack the individual toilets with foam positioning and wooden boxes to reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

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The customer found us on Alibaba and made various comparisons on price and quality. We followed up patiently and gave him our professional advice. Finally, he placed an order with our company and completed his dream hotel.

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Japan kuze house bathroom cabinet case


We help customers load goods and provide installation guidance, and finally complete his dream hotel. He is very happy to cooperate with us.

Inspiration Design

We offer an individual and multidisciplinary approach to bathroom design. Our designers help to create custom-made solutions for clients, aim at providing you with tranquility and high-quality spaces.


Client Testimonials

“My new blessed corner, simply in love with every detail. I bought it with George Bathroom fast delivery and on-time assembly, that's why I like them, agility and wonderful. ”
---- Andrew
“Reviewing the photos on my cell phone, I found these here. This is my second bathroom from George Bathroom, this one is as good as the other and super suits me. I can easily communicate with designers about what I want.”

To start your project, browse our water closet photo gallery for style and design ideas to get you inspired. From traditional toilet to modern styles, our gallery is filled with inspiring images to suit any taste and personal style.

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