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Wall-hung Basin

Maximize your space and elevate your style with a wall-hung basin. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and modern design.

Why Choose Wall-hung Basins

With a clean and minimal look, it's perfect for a modern or minimal bathroom style. Plus, the open space under the sink is easier to clean and maintain because there are no hard-to-reach areas. Wall-mounted washbasins can also be mounted at a height that is comfortable for the user, making them a great option for those with reduced mobility or accessibility needs.

FAQs for Art Basins

How do you install a wall-hung basin?

A wall-hung basin is installed by attaching it to the wall with brackets or bolts, and connecting the plumbing.

Can a wall-hung basin support heavy weight?

Yes, wall-hung basins are designed to support weight and are tested to ensure durability and safety.

What types of faucets are suitable for a wall-hung basin?

Wall-mounted faucets or faucets installed on the counter behind the basin are suitable for a wall-hung basin.

Can wall-hung basins be used in a commercial setting?

Wall-hung basins are commonly used in commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, and public restrooms.
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