Diamond Shaped One-piece Washdown Toilet X066

Product name:Toilet
Model No:X066
Plug distance:S-trap 250mm/p-trap 180mm
Flush way:Washdown
Installation type:Floor Mounted
Material:Ceramic+PP Cover
Cover:Soft Closing Cover
Color customization:Available for Other Color Options Based on Quantity
Logo customization:Yes
Place of origin:Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China

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Please click this video, you can learn more about the Diamond Shaped One Piece Washdown Toilet.

Physical product display

Exquisite Appearance

A minimalist and stylish 

bathroom aesthetic.

Beautiful Line Design

The surface is smooth and 

delicate, full of elegance.

Reasonable Seat Ring Design

Fits the buttocks without getting 

tired from sitting for a long time.

Newly Upgraded Sewage Pipes

Avoid the odor from the pipes 

and breathe more clearly.

Product details

Focus on Every Details

Consider all aspects and choose 

high-quality products.

Quiet Slow Down Cover

The cover is easy to remove and 

easy to clean at any time.

Easy to Clean, More Durable

The high quality is what 

we actually do.

Seat cover materials


Not scratch, easy to clean, long-lasting new, high hardness and durable, degradable and environmentally friendly materials.


Plastic material, light weight, easy to mold, easy to change color, not easy to break, not wear-resistant.

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