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Home Jacuzzi Popular Design and Hot Sale ON1037

Warranty: 3 years
Faucet: Included
After-sale Service: Online Technical Support
Style: Freestanding
Size: 1700*850*600mm
Project Solution Capability: Others
Application: Hotel
Design Style: Traditional
Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong, China
Brand Name: GEORGE
Model Number: ON1037
Material: High Density Acrylic
Function: Massage
Installation Type: Freestanding
Massage Type: Combo Massage (Air & Whirlpool)
Management certification: ISO9001:2000,CE

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Freestanding Jacuzzi

Take a bath with a bathtub, 

relieve the fatigue of the day.

Egge-shaped Design

Ergonomic design, more 

comfortable experience.

Standard Accessories

The formation of air bubbles in the 

water gives you a fantastic vision.

Automatic Massage

Enjoy a comfortable massage and

 pursue a high-quality lifestyle.

Product details

Reasonable Design

High quality is what we 

actually do all the time.

Easy Operation

Brings great convenience 

and comfort to bath.

Simple and Outstanding

Full cleaning, clean every

 corner of the bathtub.

Take a Relaxing Bath

Stimulate the body acuppoints, 

omnidirectional massage.

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