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Popular Water Drop Design Copper Basin Faucet Manufacture BF-2003/B/G/W

Item NO:  BF-2003/B/G/W
Brand: George
Name: Basin Faucet
Material: Brass
Installation method: Installed on the Ceiling

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Please click this video, you will know more about the Popular Water Drop Design Copper Basin Faucet.

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-cover

Physical product display

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-1

Water Drop Basin

Simple and stylish, seeking 

art in innovation.

Convenient Water Storage

Water and oxygen mixing, the water

 is soft and skin-friendly.

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-2
Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-3

Adjustable Water Temperature

Water temperature hot and cold dual 

control, free adjustment.

Classic Drip Shape

Exquisite electroplating process, 

anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-4

Product details

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-5

High Quality Valve Core

Combination of simple design 

and light luxury style.

Easy and Flexible Operation

Leading the new trend, the simple 

style can be freely matched.

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003G-2
Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-6

High Precision Accessories

Stylish and textured, making the 

faucet more three-dimensional.

Light Luxury and Stylish

Enjoy different styles of life and

 pursue high quality of life.

Water Drop Design Faucet BF-2003-7
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