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Top 10 Shower Room Manufacturers in China: How to Choose a Shower Room?

The decoration style of the bathroom can also be varied, and it is also selected according to personal preferences. Therefore, you need to understand the design style and price of the bathroom, and consider which manufacturer to choose. 

Here, we will introduce the top 10 shower room manufacturers in China. A good shower room brand can save you time and cost while ensuring quality.

JOMOO Sanitary Ware

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Mug Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Focusing on the R&D and production of kitchen and bathroom products for a long time, it is a large-scale kitchen and bathroom enterprise with sanitary ceramics, intelligent kitchen and bathroom, integrated bathroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture, hardware faucet, and kitchen and bathroom hardware as its main businesses. It was recognized as “National High-tech Enterprise”.

George Sanitary Ware

George Sanitary Ware Company is a professional company specializing in exporting sanitary ware products. Has more than ten years of experience in product design, production, export, after-sales service, etc., and has served more than 20,000 customers in more than fifty-eight countries and regions in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

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Ouda Sanitary Ware

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Hangzhou Jieouda Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of various bathroom mirror products and bathroom furniture. 

The main products are combination mirrors, computer engraved mirrors, frosted mirrors, craft mirrors, overlapping mirrors, edging mirrors and glass conjoined and split basins. 

The company has advanced processing equipment and is a large-scale enterprise that manufactures glass mirrors and glass basins in China.

Gaoen Sanitary Ware

Guangzhou Gaoen Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is engaged in sanitary ware hardware processing and other products. As an enterprise engaged in the processing of sanitary ware hardware, Gaoen Sanitary Ware has always been favored by everyone.

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Moen Sanitary Ware

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Moen offers a wide range of kitchen basins, bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as bathroom shower systems. Moen’s kitchen and bathroom accessories are available in a variety of styles to perfectly match your home decor.

Mojia bathroom

The national fashion original sanitary ware brand – Mojia Sanitary Ware has entered the ninth month of sales unknowingly. As walking in the forefront of the trend of the times, it implements the operation mode of pure online direct sales, and it has always been concerned by the media.

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Kohler Sanitary Ware

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The Kohler Company was founded in 1873. It is one of the oldest and largest family-owned businesses in the United States. The strength of the company can be imagined, and the Kohler sanitary ware brand has spread all over the world, including Australia, China, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand, Germany, and other countries.

Hengjie Sanitary Ware

Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Hengjie’s green sanitary ware integrates life, health, and life into it, meets the needs of modern consumers, and is extremely popular.

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Gold Medal Bathroom

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Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Hengjie’s green sanitary ware integrates life, health, and life into it, meets the needs of modern consumers, and is extremely popular.

TOTO sanitary ware

TOTO Sanitary Ware is a Japanese brand, established in 1917 as an important brand under the Toto Company. Entering the Chinese market in 1996, after several years of development, it has a high reputation in the Chinese market and occupies a place in the “Top Ten Bathroom Brands in China”.

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I . Is the overall shower room better or the simple shower room better?

(1)Overall shower room

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Concept: The overall shower room is fully enclosed, with more complete functional equipment, including shower system and massage system, and some with steam system, belonging to high-end shower room.

Advantages: Good thermal insulation, functional and more comfortable.

Disadvantages: Not customizable, but more expensive.

(2)Simple shower room

Concept: The simple shower room has a simple structure without a top cover. Its basic structure is a chassis and a tempered glass room.

Advantages: Rich styles, cheap prices, customizable.

Disadvantages: Single function, poor warmth retention.


For ordinary families, especially small units with small bathroom space, it is best to choose a simple shower room with a cheap price, which can be customized according to the actual size of the bathroom. For middle-to-high-income families, as well as medium-to-large units with large bathroom space, you can choose an overall shower room that is larger in size and cannot be customized. 

Although the price is higher, it has more functions and can bring a comfortable bathing experience. As for the bathroom of the luxury villa, you can also consider a computer steam room with steam function to show your status.

2. What material is good for the shower room?

(1) Tempered glass

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Material characteristics: Using tempered glass to make the shower room can improve the strength of the shower room. Pressure is formed on the surface of the glass, and when the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity and enhancing the glass’s own wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, etc.

Buying points: Check whether the glass is transparent and whether there are defects such as stray spots and bubbles. See if there is 3c mark certification on the original glass. See a sample of fully tempered glass shards.

(2) Moisture-proof board

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Material characteristics: Moisture-proof board is also called melamine board. It is made of multi-layer special fiber material, impregnated with phenolic resin, and then made by high temperature and high pressure. It is very suitable for humid environments. Its cross-section is extremely low in water swelling, and it is the first choice for bathroom decoration.

Purchase points: When purchasing moisture-proof boards, pay attention to observe the cross-section of the board to see if there are independent moisture-proof particles that are green. George Bathroom reminds everyone that if the entire cross-section is simply green, and there are no independent moisture-proof particles, you should be wary of manufacturers using shoddy products. Such panels are not only environmentally friendly but may even emit higher formaldehyde.

(3) PVC board

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Material characteristics: At present, there are many kinds of shower room materials on the market, and PVC board is one of them. PVC board has the characteristics of waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant and so on. And the processing performance is very superior, it is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, composite panels and other materials.

Buying points: Use your fingernail to gently scratch the surface of the light film to check the hardness of the light film. Observe whether the saw edge is neat and smooth, and whether there are burrs and cracks to the touch. Test its wall thickness to see if it meets product standards.

(4) Metal materials

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Material characteristics: Shower rooms made of metal materials are quite common, such as aluminum shower rooms. Metal materials have many advantages, such as energy saving, convenient installation, waterproof, not easy to deform, and high strength. Even if it is impacted by external forces, it can maintain its shape and not easily change.

Buying points: Check the hardness of the metal material; see whether the surface of the metal material is smooth, whether there is chromatic aberration and trachoma, and the surface finish.

(5) Acrylic

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Material characteristics: It is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, beautiful appearance, and light transmittance comparable to glass. It is not as brittle as glass, and even if broken, it will not form sharp shards like glass.

Buying points: The way to distinguish the acrylic material is to look inside the shower room. If the back of the acrylic sheet is different from the front and is rough, it is a composite acrylic sheet.

3. What shape is the shower room practical?

(1) One glyph

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Advantages: It only occupies one wall or corner, almost half of the households will choose this model, the price is more affordable, no need to add a chassis, just add a water retaining strip.

Cons: The shower screen lacks support and needs to be cared for and not pushed or pulled too hard.

Applicable shower room: It is suitable for families with narrow bathroom space or with bathtub in the bathroom.

(2) Vertical angle

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Advantages: With plenty of interior space, the person in the shower can stretch freely, without the oppressive feeling of limited space. Compared with other shaped shower enclosures, it is easier to clean.

Disadvantages: It takes up a lot of space and is more suitable for bathrooms with larger areas, and the layout should be square.

Applicable shower room: suitable for installation in a square bathroom.

(3) Pentagon

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Advantages: The diamond-shaped shower room, which only occupies a corner of the wall, is designed to allow people to use the interior space comfortably and to easily solve the space problem of the bathroom.

Disadvantages: Due to structural limitations, only swing doors can be used, and space for opening doors needs to be reserved for them during installation.

Applicable shower room: It just occupies a corner of the wall, suitable for bathrooms with limited area.

(4) Bathtub shape

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Advantages: It can satisfy bathing and showering at the same time, which is more practical.

Disadvantages: The installation cost is also relatively high, and the choice is not very large.

Applicable shower room: It is suitable for bathrooms with bathtubs, which can take into account both the needs of bathtub soaking and showering.

(5) L shape

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Advantages: The space requirement is relatively small, it only needs to be installed in the corner of the bathroom, and it is also a relatively typical shower room style.

Disadvantages: There are sanitary dead corners, and there is no arc for cleaning.

Applicable shower room: suitable for families with a square bathroom and enough space.

II. Shower room purchasing skills

1. The glass should be explosion-proof

The main material of the shower room is tempered glass, preferably automotive tempered glass. The quality of tempered glass varies, and fake and inferior tempered glass has enormous potential safety hazards. Some manufacturers cut corners to produce semi-tempered or hot-bent glass to reduce costs, burying hidden dangers for everyone’s safety. 

Therefore, when choosing a shower room, you must pay attention to whether there is fire on the corners of the glass. The thickness of the 3C certified tempered glass is generally 6-8mm. Check whether the glass is transparent, and whether there are any stray spots or bubbles.

2. The aluminum material should be strong

A good aluminum surface will be treated with multiple layers, the coating will be firm, the tone will be bright, and it will not corrode. The hardness of the aluminum material can be tested by pressing the aluminum frame by hand. The aluminum material with a hardness of more than 13 degrees is difficult for adults to deform by hand pressing.

I hope the above content will give you a general understanding of shower room manufacturers and how to choose them. In the choice of finished shower room decoration style, you can choose according to your needs.

Although there are countless shower room manufacturers all over the world, George bathroom occupies a leading position in the Chinese market and can provide you with professional and first-class services. You can always prepare the budget and contact George Bathroom for the latest shower room design and quotation.

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