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Top 10 Wash Basin Manufacturers in China: Wash Basin Buying Guide

The bathroom has become, in the current times, a room where substantially more time is spent than before. Recently, you will come across many designers and architects devoting a lot of time to give you the best modern bathroom. 

A segment that is unquestionably among the primary aesthetics of the bathroom feel is, without a doubt, the wash basin. It gives your bathroom a style, which can be great, modern, lavish or vintage.

The right wash basin for your bathroom largely depends on the color theme, space, and layout of your bathroom. This blog is for you on how you can choose the right wash basin for your bathroom.

top10 wash basin

Brief Introduction

Ⅰ. Top 10 Wash Basin Manufacturers in China

As a wholesaler or consumer, you may have difficulty finding the right washbasin manufacturer. Here are the 10 most popular wash basin manufacturers in China that we have compiled:



KOHLER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wash basins in China and around the world. Founded in 1873, Kohler (KOHLER) is by far one of the largest family-owned businesses in the United States, headquartered in Wisconsin. 

Kohler’s businesses and businesses span the world, including kitchens and bathrooms, power systems, furniture and interiors, as well as renowned hotels and world-class golf courses. In 2002, Kohler established Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai as Kohler’s Asia Pacific headquarters.



TOTO Corporation was founded in 1917 by Mr. Okura Kazuhiro. In 1912, Mr. Okura established a laboratory specializing in the research and development of sanitary ceramics (at that time, sanitary ceramics products were very common in Europe and the United States, but wooden toilets were still popular in Japan. 

Compared with today’s advanced sanitary culture in Japan, the contrast is too great). With the wide sales of these sanitary ceramic products, TOTO uses its excellent products to challenge the traditional hygiene concept that has been accepted by the public, and TOTO continues to work hard for this until today.



ARROW, a brand of Arrow Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd., was founded in Foshan, Guangdong in 1994. It has ten manufacturing bases (two under construction), and takes “Arrow Home Living Wisdom” as its brand proposition. It is a powerful and influential company in the world. 

A comprehensive home furnishing brand, it is also one of the largest manufacturing and sales enterprises of building sanitary ceramics in China. Its products and services include smart bathrooms, ceramic tiles, wardrobes, custom homes and other smart home categories.



George Bathroom is a professional company specializing in exporting sanitary ware products. We provide one-stop sanitary ware product solutions. We have served over 20000 customers in more than 58 countries and regions including Africa, the Middle east, Europe, the United states and etc. 

George have been recognized by overseas customers with our advantageous price system, high-quality product system and perfect service system. We are committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective products and services to customers in the Belt and Road countries.

American Standard


American Standard originated in 1875. As a century-old international bathroom brand under the LIXIL Group, American Standard has always pursued safe and reliable excellent quality. With the enterprising spirit of daring to innovate, American Standard has created an integrated bathroom solution that truly meets the needs of consumers. 

A world-renowned bathroom product developer and manufacturer, bathroom solution provider, products including toilets, basins, faucets, shower equipment, bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, kitchen sinks, etc.



Founded in 1990, JOMOO Group is an innovative international enterprise with a full industrial chain, integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service with intelligent bathroom as the core. In the research and development of new technologies for health, new appearance, new materials, new energy, and ecological categories. 

JOMOO will continue to give play to our leading advantages, actively respond to and implement the “double carbon” action, and promote the harmonious development of people, products and the environment. It has 5 production bases, 15 high-end manufacturing plants, more than 60 laboratories and 16 global R&D centers around the world.



Founded in 1999, currently FAENZA has ten domestic production bases (2 under construction). While constantly pursuing design and quality, we focus on polishing “FAENZA” smart toilets, smart toilet covers, ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, shower rooms, hardware pendants, etc. Antique tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles and other series of tiles have become a well-known art life brand in the industry, and the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions.



ANNWA, established in Foshan, Guangdong in 2003, takes “Fashion Anwar, understands your life better” as its brand proposition. Humanized functions and optimal services bring users a younger and more fashionable life experience. It is a comprehensive bathroom tile brand with strength and influence in China.



As a global supplier of bathroom solutions and kitchen products, GROHE is committed to providing innovative water life products. For decades, GROHE has been committed to realizing the brand values of  “leading technology”, “excellent design” and “adhering to high standards of environmental protection”. 

All factories in the GROHE manufacturing network utilize high-precision production processes to ensure compliance with GROHE’s globally consistent high standards. This ensures that its products meet the most stringent technological and functional requirements.



Dongpeng Complete Bathroom is affiliated to Dongpeng Holdings. Dongpeng complete bathroom products have a wide range of products, covering five categories: intelligent bathroom, ceramics, bathroom furniture, faucet hardware, and leisure bathroom.

Dongpeng Complete Sanitary Ware pays great attention to the production concept of sustainable development, and takes the lead in introducing advanced automatic production lines to realize the independent production of all categories of integral sanitary ware. It has a very high brand influence in the Chinese sanitary ware industry.

Ⅱ. How to choose a wash basin?

After learning about the top10 suppliers in China, you may also need to know some basic information about wash basins, which will help you choose the most suitable wash basin.

1. Types of the wash basin

(1). Countertop Basin:
In bathrooms, over-counter basins are more common, generally speaking, the majority of this type of vanity sits below the countertop, with only a small portion of the edge of the top of the countertop and visible.

Advantages: Works with any countertop material, including wood and laminate. They’re also less expensive to install because they don’t require the polishing of the cut edges like installing an under counter basin.

Disadvantages: Not easy to clean, water or spills cannot be collected back into the sink, and it is easy to splash out when washing hands.

Countertop basin
Under counter basin

(2). Under Counter Basin
An under counter basin is a wash basin installed under the countertop, and its edge is also fixed under the countertop.

Advantages: This creates a seamless, clean look since the actual vanity cannot be seen. Another benefit of under counter basins is that water and spills can be wiped directly from the countertop into the sink without any obstructions for easy cleaning.

Disadvantages: Under counter basins can usually only be used under hard countertops (such as stone), and are not suitable for laminate countertops, because they cannot be sealed against moisture, and the cost is often higher.

(3). Wall mounted basin
A wall-mounted vanity is a basin that attaches directly to the wall without taking up space on the bathroom countertop, and its streamlined appearance will bring a sophisticated and chic feel to the bathroom space.

Advantages: There is no need to install any cabinets below the wall-mounted wash basin pair, which saves space and makes the bathroom feel larger, because the pipes are installed in the wall, and it can also keep the wall tidy.

Disadvantages: Such wash basins have no countertops and lack storage space. Therefore, when choosing a wall-mounted washbasin, consider whether you need countertop storage space.

Wall mounted basin
Pedestal wash basin

(4). Pedestal wash basin
If you want a simple wall mounted wash basin, but the bathroom drain has to go through the floor and cannot be changed, a modern pedestal wash basin is your best bet.

Advantages: Now the vertical wash basin occupies a small area, and the base is located between the wash basin and the floor, which can hide the pipes of the bathroom, suitable for the decoration of small space bathrooms, giving a clean and tidy appearance.

Disadvantages: Lack of storage space, and there is a gap between the wall and the back of the base, which is not easy to clean.

(5). Semi-embedded basin
This type is not common in bathroom renovations. If the bathroom has limited space and a certain amount of storage space, such a semi-recessed washbasin will be your best solution.

Advantages: It looks stylish and beautiful, looks more coordinated with the bathroom cabinet, and more importantly provides ample storage space.

Disadvantages: Limited storage space, construction and installation will be more complicated.

Semi-embedded basin

2. The material of the wash basin

Ceramic wash basin

(1)  Ceramic wash basin:

The most common wash basin material, can be made of various shapes, the glaze is smooth, tight, not easy to get dirty, and easy to take care of.

Applicable people: The specificity of the ceramic wash basin determines that it is deeply loved by consumers, and the color of the ceramic is no longer a single white, light green, light blue and other choices can add a lot of lively atmosphere to the bathroom.

(2) Stainless steel wash basin:

The combination of the stainless steel wash basin and other steel accessories in the bathroom can bring out the unique modernity of the industrial society, which is in line with the aesthetics of young people who emphasize individuality.

Applicable people: Since the stainless steel wash basin is highly extracted, and the surface needs to be frosted or mirror-plated, the price will not be too low, suitable for young consumers with stable income.

Stainless steel wash basin
Glass wash basin

(3) Glass wash basin:

It has soft lines, unique texture and refraction effects, and various colors and styles. At present, the wall thicknesses of glass washbasins on the market are 19mm, 15mm and 12mm, but even products with a wall thickness of 19mm can only withstand The relatively high temperature of 80 degrees, be very careful when using.

Applicable people: Consumers who pursue the taste of life, the glass wash basin is expensive and pays attention to matching. Whether it is style or color, it needs to be matched with other facilities of the wash basin.

(4). Artificial stone wash basin:

High strength, easy to shape, various styles, can make a wash basin integrated with the countertop, hard and anti-fouling, and not easy to break.

Applicable people: The appearance has grades, and there are many styles and colors. It is suitable for consumers who match different styles of bathroom furniture.

Artificial stone wash basin

Ⅲ. How to maintain the wash basin?

Ceramic wash basin- maintenance

1. About ceramic wash basin:

(1) Use a soft brush or sponge to clean with a neutral detergent, not directly with hot water, it will cause cracks on the glaze

(2) Regularly remove the head of the water storage bay below, clean up the accumulated dirt inside, and keep the drainage smooth.

2.  About stainless steel wash basin:

(1) If the house is still being renovated, pay attention to opening the windows for ventilation, so as to avoid the corrosive gas emitted by the decoration materials from oxidizing the surface of the stainless steel wash basin, thus causing the wash basin to rust.

(2) If there is rust in the wash basin, you can use toothpaste to wipe it, which will have a good rust removal effect.

(3) Use sponge, cloth and neutral detergent to clean.

Stainless steel wash basin--maintenance
Glass wash basin-maintenance

3. About glass wash basin:

(1) It can be cleaned with pure cotton rag, neutral detergent and glass cleaning water. Do not use wire brushes or hard brushes, weak alkaline chemicals or solvents for cleaning.

(2) Avoid hitting hard or heavy objects.

(3) Water stains are difficult to dry, and they need to be wiped with a rag to dry. Do not pour boiling water into the glass wash basin.

Ⅳ. Why choose George Bathroom?

1. It is located in Foshan, one of the three major bathroom production bases in China. It is one of the brands familiar to Chinese consumers. It is also a professional manufacturer of bathtubs, toilets, faucets, shower rooms and bathroom cabinets.

2. The business scope covers Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and other places. The products include bathroom, faucet, and other bathroom accessories, which can meet the needs of different customers, and have established friendly relationships with many overseas partners or customers.

3. With a first-class design team, we can provide customers with the most exquisite and fashionable design solutions.

4. Provide you with 24-hour online consultation service.

You should be aware of the different designs of basin options that you have to choose for your bathroom. Some of the most popular designs of wash basins are Counter top basins, Under Counter Basins, Wall-amount basins, Pedestal wash basin, Semi-embedded basin.

Depending on the theme and look of your bathroom interior, you can opt for any wash basin look in any shape and color. Your choice of wash basin will not only give your bathroom a modern look but will even give a look of your personality taste. 

Before buying a washbasin, it is advisable that you check with your plumber for all the plumbing needs and the placement of the basin. 

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