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9 Types of Bathtubs: Pros, Cons, and How to Choose

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Whether you enjoy a long, soothing bath to melt away your worries or just a quick bath to revive your freshness, the experience of sinking into a luxurious bathtub is undeniably divine. A bathtub is a basic fixture for every bathroom. Like your beautifully articulated house, your bathroom can also be chic and well-designed with a fancy bathtub installed. 

The right type of bathtub can transform any ordinary bathroom into a spa oasis, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. However, with so many options out there, choosing the right bathtub could be difficult. We at George Bathroom provide different styles of bathtubs bringing the ultimate experience to consumers. 

Regular Bathtub

The regular bathtub is rectangular with no clawfoot, usually installed in larger spaces. It is generally found in hotels and country houses as It provides a comforting bathing experience to relax after a trip or a long tiring day.

The regular bathtubs give a modern touch to the bathroom with its uniform look and enclosed space design. In addition, it comes with a shower head attached above or below to enjoy a unique bathing experience as you like.

Budget-friendly Fits well in standard-sized bathrooms at homeToo plain for the interiors

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs come under the most luxurious yet affordable type. It can be fundamental in the form of a traditional clawfoot tub or modern and sleek without any slippers attached. Whether it’s a large hotel bathroom or conventional little house bathrooms, the significant advantage of freestanding bathtubs is that they can fit into any space elegantly.

Please place it in the middle of the large bathroom or adjacent to any wall in a tight-space bathroom to ensure it can work perfectly well and result in an artistic look in both ways. Then, all that is required is an adequate bathroom space, and you are good to go, even with no connecting walls.

The price of freestanding tubs varies according to size, material, and design. These modern-style tubs are a little pricey compared to the standard clawfoot tubs. And you will find copper and cast-iron tubs more expensive than the store’s acrylic and fiberglass tubs. You can find your best pick easily in your price range at George Bathrooms.

Budget-friendly Perfect for small homes or hotels No need for connecting wallsIt might require enhanced flooring  Exposed plumbing feature

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Jacuzzi Bathtub

If you are an outgoing person who enjoys a luxurious yet soothing shower at the end of the day, then there is no better option than having a Jacuzzi installed in a country house or a manor house.

The luxurious and modern designs of the Jacuzzi not just boost the interior of your bathrooms but also offer you a relaxing opulent bath that could wash away all your pent-up stress of the day in mere seconds.

It also comes with whirlpool effects with multiple health advantages to alleviate your general well-being, like increased circulation, mobility effects, and improvised skin. However, this spa therapy at home could be costly, requiring high maintenance now and then.

Great fit for villas or manor houses Comes in a range of custom sizes Offers luxurious, comforting bath with other health benefitsCostly Requires a lot of space

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Alcove Bathtub

An alcove bathtub is the most popular type for tiny comfy homes. The idea of an alcove is the expanse bounded by three walls. It only consists of a sleek and unique front panel and apron. The other two sides and back of the alcove tub are enclosed with tiled walls.

It is the best option for small homeowners to accommodate a spa-like bath in their little homes. It can easily be installed in a small 6ft wide bathroom or even more compact spaces.

An alcove bathtub ranging from 54-72 inches in length and 30-36 inches in width can easily be installed to uplift the overall look of bathrooms. A natural alcove of up to 60 inches would fit perfectly in your standard-sized bathrooms.

For a sizeable hotel-like bathroom, a large alcove tub of up to 72 inches with detaching walls or other alcove fixtures like a tiny toilet can also be installed to top it off a classy modern look, efficiently using all the extra spaces.

Fits perfectly well in small or large-spaced bathrooms Budget-friendlyRequires an enclosed space Comes in fewer design options for compact spaces

Corner Bathtub

The corner bathtub can easily fit into the beautiful corner space in your bathroom. This sizeable triangular tub requires a lot of floor space and can be costly to install. If you enjoy relaxing and unwinding bathing, this could be the perfect addition to your aesthetic bathroom. It provides a soothing spa-like experience where you can relax and ponder for as long as you want.

Where it takes an unusual amount of time to fill it with water, it comes in several designs that could heighten the interiors of your simple, plain-looking bathrooms. It can be easily found in various budget-friendly materials like fiberglass and acrylic or durable yet costly materials like iron. Moreover, you can install the whirlpool effect in such tubs to have the time of your life every time you bathe.

Accommodate empty corners of the bathroom Comes in ample sleek designs that could elevate the overall look of your bathroomCostly Requires more floor space and extra water to fill it completely

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Drop-In Bathtub

Drop-in bathtubs are the perfect fit for a well-finished and well-designed bathroom. It gives a complete look to the interior of any bathroom, making it look like a part of the bathroom. The tub shell is fixed into a deck surrounded by floor and walls. This fixture is more like a part of the bathroom than an accessory that could be removed.

It offers varying customization options for homeowners or hotel owners to select per their requirements. It can easily be fixed in an alcove or on the ground, the way you like. Moreover, it can be further customized according to the matching color scheme to give a classy unmatched look that would leave others in awe.

From acrylic to stone resins, it can be found in various different materials at varying prices, starting from $600 up to $3000 or more.

Space-economical Budget-friendly Results in a permanent finished lookRequires pre-built construction Comes with a complex installation process

Japanese Style Bathtub

Japanese (soaking) bathtubs, as the name suggests, are more for soaking and relaxing purposes than for showering purposes. They are small cylindrical or oval-shaped models with a built-in seat where you can relax and ponder on different matters of your life.

Its small shape fits perfectly well in small-town homes made of wood or bamboo, resulting in an elegant matching interior that could make you forget the classy high-end hotels. Initially, it was found only in hinoki wood in limited shapes and sizes, but now you can find a range of modern options to match the style and look of your house. Unlike other luxurious bathtub options, this Japanese soaking bathtub is quite costly.

Elegant and classy bathroom fixture Easily fits in compact spacesCostly The faucet must be installed separately

Whirlpool Bathtub

The Whirlpool bathtub is a heavenly gift for someone who lounges in water to ease stress. It works as a great massager and improves one’s health conditions. It consists of self-contained water jets to push water through at high speed could target significant pain points to relieve all the muscle pain.

A whirlpool bathtub is the best option if you want to go a little fancy for your luxurious hotel suite or manor house. However, it can be a little costlier with all the installation and cleaning required.

Best luxury fixture to relax and tend to health at the same time Provides you with a spa-like therapyCostly The cleaning process is tough

Air Tub

An air tub is another jetted tub, just like a whirlpool bathtub. It consists of small air jets that create air bubbles to provide a more relaxing and comforting bubbling sensation than the cleaning or massaging experience. 

It is more economical than the whirlpool bathtubs yet provides your bathroom with a well-designed interior with its sleek and modern designs. And if you are concerned about the tiring cleaning procedure, rest assured, because it is also low in terms of maintenance and does not require deep professional cleaning every time. 

Provides a relaxing hot bath Low on maintenance Budget-friendlyComes with a tough installation procedure

In summary of the 9 different types described above, we have also written another article: how to choose the right bathtub, understanding these guidelines can help you choose the best bathtub for you.

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