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Do You Know How to Install a Wall-hung Toilet?

For many bathrooms, wall-hung toilets are a desirable option because they are compact, simple to clean, and have concealed tank that create a seamless appearance.

Case:  “I was apprehensive to use a wall-hung toilet in cabin’s bathroom. I didn’t know anyone who had installed a wall-hung toilet before me. I was aware of their popularity in Europe, and I like the great idea very much, but I’m not sure if I should go ahead with it. Eventually, I persisted with the remodel, which proved to be among our best choices for the bathroom. Wall-hung, floating toilets are amazing!”

This is a real case that happened to one of my clients from Saudi Arabia.

Wall-hung toilet installation-definition

Definition | Wall-hung Toilet

A wall-hung toilet is a system in which the toilet bowl is mounted directly to the wall, while its tank is installed inside the wall.

Toilet that is wall-hung save a lot of room. It takes up significantly less space in the bathroom and can be placed closer to furniture, shower enclosures, or whatever else you have planned for your bathroom because there isn’t the extra bulk of a visible tank on the surface.

Wall-hung toilet installation

Supplies List | Wall-hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilet installation-concealed toilet
Concealed Toilet
Wall-hung toilet installation-double flush
Double Flush Actuator Plate
Wall-hung toilet installation-seat cover
Seat Cover
Wall-hung toilet installation-wall hung toilet
Wall-hung Toilet
Wall-hung toilet installation-silicone caulk
Silicone Caulk
Wall-hung toilet installation-angle hardware
Connector Angle Hardware

Installation Steps | Wall-hung Toilet


Choosing the place where the toilet will be installed. 

Take into account the plumbing channels for supply lines and waste ducts since the exterior wall must be destroyed for installation.

Additionally, the toilet carrier frame and tank unit should both fit snugly inside the bathroom wall frame.

Remove the external drywall layer from the chosen spot to reveal the internal structure. 

Before demolishing a tiled wall, separate each tile piece one at a time.

Wall-hung toilet installation-step1
Wall-hung toilet installation-step 2


The majority of wall-hung toilets have an in-wall tank that is the perfect size to accommodate the standard bathroom wall framing. 

A 2″ x 4″ small water tank fits inside stud wall structures with ease due to the widely spaced boards.

To achieve a precise fit, you must alter the wall matching for a 23 ½” wide tank unit. 

These tanks also need strengthened studs that can support up to 880 pounds of weight.


The supply lines and waste disposal pipes will need to be revised. 

In most cases, the process requires skilled hands, so if you’re having trouble, please call a plumber.

Install 3″ to 4″ waste line pipes, leaving a few inches exposed immediately below the floor plate of the wall framing, which will subsequently be linked to the toilet bowl.

Use one half pipes to place the water supply line through the cavity in the back wall next to the hidden water tank.

Wall-hung toilet installation-step3
Wall-hung toilet installation-step4


You can mount the wall-in tank unit once the stud frame has been modified to the correct lengths.

To make the mount more durable, double the studs or use gusset plates.

Before mounting the wall-in Tank, adjust the seat height to your preference. The standard range for seat heights is 15″ to 19″.

The sides of the water tank touch the bordering studs to make a tight fit.

Secure the tank base with lag bolts, while securing both sides with standard bolts and nuts.


Attach the splash covers and mudguards that come with the tank before sealing it inside the walls to protect the actuator.

The snapping tabs and notches on both guards are designed to quickly latch into the slots on the front of the actuator.

It’s time to sheath the wall to hide the carrier unit once the in-wall Tank is firmly fastened, the water supply pipes are linked, and the waste pipes are attached.

Wall-hung toilet installation-step5
Wall-hung toilet installation-step6


Install and attach the flushing actuator into the top of the tank. 

Follow manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you install the actuator correctly.

When covering the wall, make sure the flushing actuator still remains exposed.


The final step is to install the wall-hung toilet bowl on the dedicated carrier unit and connect the plumbing lines.

Insert seals and plumbing adapters before hanging the bowl to ensure a secure installation later on.

Tighten the mounting nuts for form installation once the toilet bowl is properly aligned.

Apply caulking sealant along the length of the toilet seat to prevent it from clinking against the wall.

Wall-hung toilet installation-step7


Enlist a helper’s assistance. The toilet is heavy and you will need assistance attaching the cumbersome unit to the wall.


We advise that you supply a water supply line with a minimum pressure of 20 pounds per square inch for efficient operation.  

A qualified plumber can assess your water pressure using a tool, or you can get information about your water supply system from your local codes office or water authority office.

Never overtighten nuts or bolts on the toilet because doing so could cause the porcelain to break.

Wall-hung toilet installation.

Georgebathroom are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. Their distinct floating appearance creates a lavish and opulent atmosphere.

Though wall-hung toilets are designed differently, they share many of the same features as standard toilets. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or starting from scratch, these are modern alternatives to standard toilets. These toilets, also known as floating toilets, are plumbed into the wall and have all of the pipework hidden. 

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