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What is a Smart Toilet: Features, Functionality, and Value

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Smart Toilets have become a new trend on various social media platforms and have gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

These toilets are not like your standard toilets as they provide users with an automatic environment where the manual work of the users is lowered maximally, and the risk of causing health issues is decreased as well.

Although there are disadvantages to having a smart toilet in your bathroom, its features help overshadow its weaknesses and, as a result, have made smart toilets a household name in 2024. Here’s a look at what smart toilets are and how they function.

What Does a Smart Toilet Do?

Smart toilets are the new trend and have taken everyone by surprise due to their innovative design and features. But what does a smart toilet do?

Well, they do make it simple: despite the futuristic design, smart toilets are your typical toilets, but with the implementation of intelligence that automatically flushes your waste after you are done using them.

This provides an efficient way to clean and flush your toilets while the toilet plays music in the background to pass your time.

Do you Need Toilet Paper with a Smart Toilet?

Despite being one of the most advanced technologies of this generation, smart toilets depend upon toilet paper.

Smart toilets typically consist of bidet functions that lower the use of toilet paper, but there are some users who follow the old tradition of using toilet paper.

Therefore, smart toilets come with a small portion of toilet paper for users who are done using the bidet functions.

The best part about these toilets is that they are flexible in nature and cater to both users, whether traditional toilet paper users or the newer bidle function ones. 

The Need for a Smart Toilet

Smart Toilets have taken over most households in recent memories. These toilets are preferred by many and are recommended to several users due to multiple reasons.

Here’s why you should need a smart toilet in your bathroom in 2024:

  • Proper Hygiene: Smart Toilets are perhaps the cleanest toilets ever. They offer proper functions such as automatic flushes, a bidet, and even toilet paper for the elderly. 
  • Comfortable for users: These toilets are comfortable due to their cold-resistant seats that allow use, especially during the winter season when the seat of a standard toilet is typically cold and uncomfortable. 
  • Resale value: For a potential online resale, you can sell your smart toilet at a reasonable price; the prices can even go beyond what you purchased the toilet for due to the ever-growing rate of technology. 

Do Smart Toilets Use a Lot of Electricity?

One of the major plus points of a smart toilet is that it consumes a low amount of electricity.

Despite being a high-tech toilet integrated with artificial intelligence, which comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs, they surprisingly consume much less electricity than expected. 

The average smart toilet consumes a total of 100 to 800 watts of electricity on each usage. However, the electricity consumption depends upon the features of the smart toilets.

If it uses high power-consuming features, then there is a possibility that the number of watts may exceed 800 watts. But there is a low chance of that happening, considering how it is user-friendly.

What are the Limitations of Smart Toilets?

Apart from the advantages of smart toilets, this type of technology has its drawbacks and limitations as well, Here’s a list of the major limitations of a Smart Toilet:

  • Unaffordable: Due to the use of modern technology, the price of an average smart toilet is beyond the budget of an average man. Therefore, not many individuals can afford this kind of technology. 
  • Complex features: Since this toilet uses Artificial Intelligence to complement its functionalities, it is considered to be a complex machine performing simple tasks. 
  • Maintenance Issues: Smart toilets are complex machines; therefore, their repairs and maintenance become a burden for the owner as they are both costly and time-consuming. 

How Do Smart Toilets Work?

We have given details on what a smart toilet is. However, how do smart toilets work?

Well, smart toilets use AI-automated technology to automatically flush your waste each time you move away from the toilet after finishing your business.

This puts an end to any effort you can put into cleaning your waste from your toilet. This feature has become a popular source of time consumption for users and adds to the futuristic feel of this accessory.

Do Smart Toilets Need to be Plugged In?

Smart toilets aren’t just used to flush your waste, they have a vast range of features in their arsenal. Each feature is used after being provided with a source of electricity.

Therefore, smart toilets are connected to a switch through the cable wire to gain electricity, which it uses to operate its features. 

Smart Toilet Features

Smart Toilets have a lot to offer to their users. Although they are new to the industry, they have impacted several households and businesses by providing several useful features that help minimize manual work and maximize time efficiency.

Here’s a list of the best smart toilet features in 2024:

  • Built-in Bidet: Several Smart Toilets introduce built-in bidets, which are one of the primary features needed to solidify a smart toilet as an elite accessory. This built-in feature enables the user to clean without the need of wasting toilet paper. Also, the water pressure is high, the temperature is controlled, and the paters of spray are various.
  • High-Temperature Seats: Most smart toilers use heated seats to provide warmth to the user, especially during the winter season. Furthermore, you are allowed to change the temperature of the seats at your convenience to further add to the nonfunctional requirements of the smart toilets.
  • Automated Lids: Numerous smart toilets now possess AI technology that helps them perform automatic activities. These activities induce the opening and closing of the toilet lids automatically. These toilets have motion sensors that allow them to trace your presence once you enter or exit your bathrooms.
  • Built-in Air Purification: One of the worst feelings is when your bathroom doesn’t have a good air purification system. One of the key features of the smart toilet is that it comes with a built-in air purification system that will freshen the atmosphere of your bathrooms.
  • Neon Lights: Adding to the aesthetic of the smart toilets, these accessories contain illuminated lights that glow in the dark to help people with weak eyesight find the toilet easily. This allows users to save electricity by preventing them from using their lights, and instead, the toilets illuminate their light. 
  • Automatic Flush: For a cleaner environment in the bathroom, smart toilets come with a touchless flush mechanism that gets triggered once it notices you finishing your business on the toilet seat. It then automatically flushes your waste and prevents your hands from being in contact with the flush. 
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Many users may feel an urge to listen to high-quality music during their time in the bathroom. With the use of Smart Toilets, you can say farewell to your boredom as these toilets have integrated Bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music out loud via a connection with your smartphone.
  • Water Adjustments: A key feature in smart toilets is that they provide additional functionalities ranging from dual-flush options to sensors that help keep the water usage minimum or maximum depending upon the waste in the toilet. This saves both water usage and energy consumption.
  • Monitoring: One of the major advancements in smart toilets is that they possess a monitoring system that helps you keep track of the water usage and temperature of the toilet. This allows you to save your energy and waste consumption. 
  • Remote Controls: Smart toilets are automatic accessories but also come with a remote control feature that allows users to alter the settings of their toilets such as adjusting the water pressure, the temperature of the seat, and many other tasks. 
  • Self-Cleaning: Although not a common smart toilet feature, some expensive toilets possess a self-cleaning feature that allows users to save their time in cleaning the toilet as the AI technology does the job for them at a rapid speed and maximum quality performance.

Using Water Instead of Toilet Paper

Many Western countries use toilet paper to clean themselves after they are done doing their business.

However, that is regarded as an unstable and unhygienic method of cleaning. Instead, using water has many benefits, as it cleans you properly and gets rid of the necessary germs and bacteria that a toilet paper wipe fails to perform. 

Also, using water is a gentler way to clean yourself than wasting toilet paper and rubbing yourself till you get rashes. 

How Do You Use Water as Toilet Paper?

Arguably, one of the best ways to use water as toilet paper is by installing a hand shower next to your toilet seat.

Once you are done doing your business, simply grab a hand shower, place it under your thighs, and start spraying till you have cleaned yourself and removed all the necessary germs and impurities.

This way, you’ll save a lot of time and toilet paper usage and will be saved from potential rashes caused by toilet paper wipes. 

Are Smart Toilets Worth the Money?

The shortest answer to this query is that YES! Smart Toilets are worth the time and money.

These toilets reduce the manual work required to use your toilets and maximize your day with several useful features that are both helpful and aesthetically pleasing. The best part about these toilets is that they have a lot more to offer in the future.

What are the cons of smart toilets?

Although smart toilets offer a variety of features, they possess certain cons as well. Here’s a list of the disadvantages of smart toilets:

  • Costly: Smart Toilets are one of the most expensive bathroom accessories in modern times. Due to their use of several automatic features such as sensors, self-cleaning, and flush, they make room for a lot of high-priced pieces of equipment to be installed in them. This increases their stock rate by a maximum number and isn’t affordable to the standard user. 
  • Complex Installation: Often or not, smart toilets are quite confusing to install, especially when most do not use flushes and other basic equipment. Moreover, their installation is different from the standard toilets since they use a lot of the latest technology, such as wires, cables, and lights to be placed before they can be finalized for your use. 
  • Power consumption: Most smart toilets use a lot of electricity due to their installed features. Therefore, it is hard to manage their expenses, and as a result, they are not recommended for the standard user who cannot afford a high electrical bill.
  • Maintenance Issue: In case the smart toilets get damaged or broken, it is a nightmare for the owner to repair them as their repair price skyrocket due to the ever-increasing price of the material used in making them stable. 
  • Security Concerns: Smart toilets use sensors to detect your presence, and since they are connected to the internet, it raises a security concern whether your private data can be fetched by online hackers who can easily monitor your use of your smart toilets. Thus, smart toilets face certain security issues that can only be fixed if designers take action.

Best Smart Toilets

Smart Toilets have become a part of the trend culture in 2024, and everyone wants one in their private time. Here’s a compilation of the best smart toilets in 2024:

American Standard Advanced Clean 100

Arguably one of the best smart toilets overall, the American Standard Advanced Clean 100 provides a dual nozzle for cleaning both the front and the back of the toilet.

For the winter season, it provides a warm water spray and a heated seat that keeps you warm even during cold times.

It never leaves you bored, especially considering how it possesses remote control application access. Lastly, it offers exceptional water usage. The only set abc of this toilet is that it is smaller in size and a bit too expensive. 

Cleaning the toilet is an essential part of our daily lives, but cleaning the toilet tank is also extra important.

Woodridge B0960S

If you are looking for a budget-friendly smart toilet, then the Woodridge B0960S is your go-to option. One of its features includes its automatic seat opening and closing, which adds to the futuristic concept of this toilet.

Furthermore, it provides a built-in bidet for both front and back cleaning. Plus, you’ll get an adjustable water pressure and an automatic flush system.

However, you cannot adjust the bidet water temperature using this smart toilet. 

Kohler Numi 2.0

This smart toilet is best used as a showpiece for your luxury apartments in 2024. Everything about its appearance to the minute detail screams luxury.

It is attractive and consumes less space. Plus, it offers a dual flush setup, allowing you to flush from anywhere.

This toilet is one of the most flexible accessories, including a larger bowl suitable for all individual sizes. You can also enjoy its automatic opening and closing system.

However, its downside is that it only comes in a square-shaped design, which may not be suitable for everyone. 

Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet

If your toilet flushes too much water and your tank is left empty after a few attempts at flushing down your waste, then the best option is to shift to the Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet.

This toilet includes efficient water storage, and its front and back bidets offer a more relaxed way of cleaning.

Lastly, its auto-drying feature allows for a better bathroom experience. The only issue with this toilet is that you must use the light flash system when using it. 

Kohler Karing 1-piece

The Kohler Karing 1-piece is truly a space saver when it comes to its adjustments. Its tankless design offers a lot of space in your bathroom and adds to its appearance, giving it an appealing look.

This toilet possesses an elevated vowel, which gives it a comfortable design. Its motion sensors allow it to open its seat as it senses your arrival.

The best part about this toilet is that it doesn’t need to be cleaned or flushed. Instead, it flashes, cleans, and dries itself after you’ve used it. 

George Bathroom

If you are looking for a smart toilet with the most variety, then look no further than the High Quantity Intelligent Smart Toilet H-051.

This smart toilet is made in China and is sold in the United States by George Bathroom. It is considered to be one of the most popular Asian-mounted smart toilets.

This toilet offers features such as a universal white color, a mounted installation, a well-maintained look, and is quite space-effective.


Each individual has their own favorite smart toilet feature, but smart toilets have a lot in store for us in the future, especially with the improvements in the artificial technology used in these toilets.

Although they face certain issues, such as being too costly when purchased or when repaired, they offer a lot to the user, especially with their automated features such as sensors, motion detection, self-cleaning, self-flush, and especially a Bluetooth speaker as the built-in feature.

Therefore, the recent trend of acquiring and installing smart toilets in your household has made these toilets a sensation and has made a fortune out of your views on social media.

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