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What Is A Two-Piece Toilet?

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Table of Contents

The two-piece toilet lies among the popular and widely adopted toilets around the globe. But there are a few things that you need to understand before finalizing the choice of the two-piece toilet. Ignoring these things or aspects can lead to a faulty or wrong choice. 

Two Piece Toilet

This is because a number of brands exist in the market. Among the popular brands, there also exist scammers or spammers. By knowing the in-depth insights on the two-piece toilet, you can easily differentiate the quality product. This article highlights every aspect of the toilet, its components, types, specifications, main concept, etc. Let’s get started!

Two-Piece Toilet – Overview

A two-piece toilet refers to a bathroom in which the bowl and toilet tank come separately. They both have a connection to serve the purpose of a bathroom. In a two-piece toilet, the toilet tank sits over the toilet bowl but in a slightly backward direction.

As these toilets come in two pieces, they facilitate convenient installation and are cheaper. Unlike one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets are easier to handle as they come in two parts and lower the handling weight.

Two Piece Toilet and One Piece Toilet

The pros of Piece Toilet

There are a number of perks associated with this toilet. Some of the key perks you need to consider are as follows:

Low Cost

The cost you need to pay to purchase the two-piece toilet is very low. The main reason behind this is the usage of two different dies. This facilitates ease in the process of integration molding. This lowers the overall cost of the two-piece toilet. 

Facilitates Convenient Installation

The installation process of the two-piece toilet is super simple compared to the one-piece toilet. This is because the one-piece toilet is heavy and takes up more space. You can easily adjust the two-piece toilet in your bathroom. Because it keeps the overall weight lower.

Multiple Styles

A plethora of styles exist when it comes to the two-piece toilet. You can choose anyone depending on your needs and preferences. There are also a variety of colors to choose from to match your bathroom decor. 

Easy To Replace or Maintain

Since the two-piece toilet comprises two components, a toilet tank, and a toilet bowl, so in case if there is a component that gets damaged, then you can easily replace it. This is not the case with the one-piece toilet. You need to change the whole system because of a single damaged component. This adds up to the cost of expenditures.

Custom Flushing Sytems

The two-piece toilet makes installing the custom flushing system more convenient as required. Options exist for gravity flush, dual flush, or pressure-assisted flush. This adds value to the two-piece toilet. The frequency of usage assists in selecting the flushing mechanism. Apart from this, you can upgrade the system as per your requirements whenever you desire. 


Another thing that contributes to the higher demand for the two-piece toilet is embedded durability. You cannot question the durability you will retrieve using this toilet. It easily resists impacts, shocks, and higher loads. This way, it adds to the overall life of the two-piece toilet. 

Cons of Two-Piece Toilet

Apart from the pros, some cons exist with the two-piece toilet. Some of the cons are as follows:

Difficult To Clean

Unlike one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets feature more joints and services because of the separation of the toilet bowl and toilet tank. This causes the grime and dirt to get stuck in between. This makes the cleaning process hectic. 

Potential Leakage

Due existing of the joints and multiple sealing, there is a greater chance you can experience potential leakage. This point makes the two-piece toilet undesirable. 

High Water Usage

With this toilet, you can experience high water usage. This leads to the inefficiency of the toilet in terms of water usage. You can experience higher water bills by employing the two-piece toilet. This is true, especially for high toilet frequency areas. 

Higher Noise Levels

The two-piece toilet facilitates high-power flushing, ultimately contributing to the higher noise. This is also an undesirable feature of the two-piece toilet. 

Different Size Specifications of Two-piece Toilet

There are many size specifications for the two-piece toilet. Some of the key specifications are here for your consideration:

Sr. No.ProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
1Two-Piece Toilet710494724
2Two-Piece Toilet750430730
3Two-Piece Toilet685406762
4Two-Piece Toilet660406762
5Two-Piece Toilet740390777
6Two-Piece Toilet711355736
7Two-Piece Toilet787431838
8Two-Piece Toilet706456722

Apart from the above two-piece toilets, many sizes exist in the market. You can cross-check from the manufacturer. Besides this, some manufacturers sell the two-piece toilet in custom order. This way, you can purchase a toilet depending on your space availability.

Two-Piece Toilet – Main Components

Multiple components make up your two-piece toilet. Some of the main components are as follows:

Two Piece Toilet Main Components

Bowl: You can define bowl as the lower toilet component. It is where waste is deposited and taken away by water flush. The toilet bowl holds water inside to prevent foul smells and sewer gases and maintain a convenient environment.

Toilet Tank: The primary role of the toiler tank is to hold flushing water. It assists in providing the water you need to process the flush.

Fill Valve: Fill valve plays an important role in the toilet, allowing water inside the toilet tank from the pipe mains. After each flush, the process repeats itself. 

Flush Valve: The flush valve is a toilet component that allows you to move the water from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl. This action adds to the water force and ensures a powerful and effective flush.

Handle/Lever/Chain/Flush Button: The type of flush button varies from toilet to toilet. It can be a lever, handle, chain, etc. Its main role is to begin the flushing operation. Pressing it will allow the water to flow from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. 

Trapway refers to the curvy-shaped channel and is on the toilet bowl base. It connects the drain pipe to the toilet bowl. Trapway plays a great role in carrying the waste away.

Seat and Cover: The seat plays a great role in supporting your weight and facilitating in comfortable sitting experience. Cover, on the other hand, keeps the bowl closed when you are not using the toilet. The cover of the toilet also prevents the smell from coming out.

Tank O-ring Seal: The role of the tank seal is to prevent the water from leaking while moving from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. Apart from this, it also provides cushioning to the toilet tank and ensures it will remain in its place. 

Floor Flange: Floor flange plays a key role in maintaining the water sealing between the toilet base and the sewer system. 

How a Two-piece Toilet Works?

The working process of the two-piece toilet is similar to the one-piece toilet. 

When you have used the toilet, you must push the flush button to begin the process. After pushing the button, the flush valve opens up. This will make the water in the toilet tank move into the bowl. This water removes the waste from the toilet bowl and transfers it into the sewer pipe. 

The water moves in the bowl in the cyclone form. This cleans up the waste stains that are on the toilet bowl. Everything moves away from the curvy-shaped trap into the sewage system. After this, the fill valve opens and fills the toilet tank. The process repeats itself this way. 

Types of Two-Piece Toilets

Regarding two-piece toilets, certain types exist. Some of the key types are as follows:

Round Bowl Toilets

The round bowl two-piece toilets have a bowl with a circular shape. This makes these toilets compact and space-saving. You can use these toilets if you have a smaller bathroom. 

Elongated Bowl Type

Elongated bowl-type toilets refer to toilets that feature elongated bowls. These bowls are quite long and feature an oval shape. This design offers superior comfort to the users. 

Gravity Flush

The term gravity in the flush toilets refers to toilets in which water forces the waste from the bowl to the drain pipe under gravity. There is no kind of water-forcing mechanism present within these toilets. This further adds up to the lower cost of these toilets.


The pressure-assisted two-piece toilet is a toilet that utilizes a mechanism for forcing water and air into the bowl for waste removal. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the toilet. Using these types of toilets in the bathroom, you will not experience any kind of clogging.

Dual Flush Type

The dual flush toilets use a double flushing system. Double flush means that one offers a low water amount at low pressure, and the second offers extra water at higher pressure. There are two flush buttons on the toilet tank for this. You can use anyone as per your requirements. Using dual-flush toilets adds up to water efficiency and effectiveness. 

Final Words

The toilet is our daily necessity, we can only choose it better if we understand its components, types, and specifications in detail. George Bathroom is a professional toilet manufacturer, if you want to know more, Please feel free to contact us.

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