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Antonio Lupi | A Top Italian Sanitary Brand

Today, we will introduce a top Italian sanitary brand—Antonio Lupi.

It has 100% creativity, innovation and style made in Italy. Today, Antonio Lupi is a company with about 80 employees. At present, it has single brand exhibition halls or distributors in 52 countries. The year-end turnover in 2013 was up to 26 million euros (up 7%), of which 30% came from Italy. 

A long time ago, before Andrea, even before Antonio, he had the idea of going to remote places to explore the new world. Antonio Lupi’s headquarter is in Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany. Founded in 1950 by Antonio Lupi, the company is an internationally renowned designer bathroom furniture manufacturer.

The company was initially committed to the production of crystal glass furniture, and soon turned to the manufacture of decals, mirrors and chandeliers. The continuous success of its crystal glass accessories makes the company grow continuously. In the 1970s, with the construction of new manufacturing facilities, there was a transition from pure manual production to industrial production.

Antonio Lupi’s concept is to see the whole bathroom. As a result of this holistic approach, the company not only produces sanitary wares, washbasins, showers and bathtubs, but also mirrors, lights and wall decorations.

AL Brand cover picture

“Our goal is not to follow the evolution of fashion or design trends, but to predict them”

Bathroom, for modern people, is not only a place to wash and bathe, but also a space to relax.

Antonio Lupi has been practicing this concept to the end. As a top Italian sanitary brand, it is not only the moonlight in the hearts of people, but also known as “Hermès in the sanitary industry”.

Ⅰ. Brand Profile

★Antonio(1596-1597), a businessman from Italy’s emerging asset period, is a famous masterpiece of Shakespeare in the 15th century and one of the heroes in The Merchant of Venice. It is famous for its integrity, perseverance, passion, purity and selflessness, and its disregard for profit and justice. In the West, Antonio has become a symbol of integrity and trustworthiness.

★Antonio sanitary inherits Italian fashion elements, condenses the design concept of Italian luxury fashion style, strict bathroom production technology and the overall advantages of the product. Interprets the exquisite and elegant Italian bathroom culture with uncommon language, and establishes the position of Antonio sanitary products.

In the industry’s luxury fashion trend, which is favored by European designers and becomes popular with knowledge elites, Wen Dayu, a famous person in the society, uses the brand connotation of the luxury fashion gene to continue to extend, bearing the faith and pursuit.

Generations of craft masters for fashion design, adhering to the inheritance of historical craft, combining the art of luxury fashion with life philosophy. Casting every Antonio product with the belief like the soul of creative arts, and blooming in front of the world with strict and exquisite quality and elegance, witness a beautiful life in the name of low-key luxury fashion.

★Adhering to the brand core value of “quality builds brand, service creates future”. High standard material selection, precise and safe production, creative aesthetic design and considerate service have been carried out all the time, and we are determined to bring high-quality sanitary products beyond expectations to every Chinese family.

★Antonio always implements the brand core in every aspect of quality and service details. Based on this, we expect Antonio to become the creator and leader of the bathroom industry in the future. Let every Chinese family experience and enjoy high-quality and comfortable sanitary products, and provide the most comfortable life after hard work every day.


Ⅱ. Brand History

Like many brands, Antonio Lupi is an enterprise named after its founder. It was founded in Florence in 1950. In the 1960s, it set up a factory studio, mainly dealing in mirrors and bathroom accessories.

Antonio Lupi, relying on the golden age of Italian industry at that time, rose from hand production to machine production in 1969.

In the 1980s, the children inherited the family business and began to cooperate with famous designers and artists. Since then, the brand has launched its first shot into the world.

Until 2007, the advent of many classic and best-selling bathroom products has ushered in a new look for Antonio Lupi, and also established the brand’s position in high-end bathroom.

AL Brand History

Ⅲ. Classic Products

1. Art Reflecting Bathtub

The smooth and natural lines outline the curve beauty of the bathtub. The brand’s newly developed resin material Cristalmood is used. The transparent material and the light and shadow of water make the bathroom full of mystery. Dozens of colors are available, and there is always one that suits you.

2. Concealed Top Spraying

The innovative embedded top spray is perfectly integrated into the ceiling, and it is only revealed when it is opened. The designer makes full use of the perfect mixture of air and water, and a variety of different nozzles bring a variety of experiences.

3. Bathroom Mirror

The embellishment of the light belt around the mirror seems to get rid of all the obstacles and float in the air, showing the aesthetic feeling and advanced feeling incisively and vividly. The pure geometric shape can adapt to different styles and environments.

4. Strappo Series Sink

With the design concept of “integrating into the surrounding environment”, from the appearance, the wall seems to be torn, and the sink stands out. The inside of the sink is embedded with LED lamp beads and embedded faucets, making the overall look more simple.

5. Aura Basin

It is an absolute parallelepiped without any decoration. The perfect geometric shape is “carved” by the power of water. The luminous backlight material makes it full of vitality. The reflection of light makes light and shadow spread throughout the space.

6. Intrecio Basin

Intrecio is a kind of independent basin that perfectly combines artificial manufacture with natural form. Each independent sink is made of a whole piece of natural Karala marble through fine processing, which is superimposed by large to small flowers. LED lighting system can also be installed between the gaps of each layer, making it more modern.

7. Wall-mounted Toilet

The flat toilet seat, which is automatically lowered to prevent loud impact, can be easily removed by hand for cleaning. Because of the open frame, it means less sediment and pollution in the hidden area.

The above is about the introduction of Antonio Lupi—A Top Italian Sanitary Brand. Hope it will be helpful to you. As a sanitary ware supplier,  George Bathroom can provide you with more knowledge and more favorable prices. We have a professional team, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we are online 24 hours to help you. 

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