Since 2007, George Bathroom has been specializing in the production of sanitary ware products.

      Bathroom accessories are generally based on the actual needs of each family, the size of the bathroom, and the number of users.

      When it comes to practicality, the recommended towel rack, bathroom rack, toilet bowl brush, tissue holder, etc., are all items used more in daily life, and others can be selected according to actual needs. Next, let’s look at the content of bathroom accessories.

I. Classification according to function.

1. Hang and place towels and clothes.

(1) Towel shelf

      The primary function of the towel shelf is to hang towels. Generally, two supports support a metal object composed of one or two horizontal bars, which can be hung on the bathroom wall.

      Many towel shelf materials, such as copper products, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, etc. You can find a suitable towel shelf according to your preferences and the actual size of the bathroom.

(2) Bathroom towel rack

      The single-pole or multiple poles below the bathroom towel rack can hang towels, and the parallel poles above can place bath towels and clean clothes.

      Generally, a large bathroom can be used, but a bathroom with a clear wet and dry zone must be used. Otherwise, the bathroom is too small, and the water vapor is too large to place dry clothes and bath towels.

(3) towel ring

      The fashionable towel ring is more prevalent among young people, but it has too few functions and can only hang one towel. The only advantage is to save space. Generally, it can be placed near the bathroom cabinet.

2. Hang bath towel balls and various daily necessities.

(1) Single hook or double hook

      Choose according to your needs, save space, and maximize the function.

(2) Row hook

      This is relatively common. Unlike ordinary wooden coat racks, the metal material is mainly waterproof and robust, but it takes up more space.

      Many users will shower in the bathroom, so installing clothes hook in the bathroom is also necessary. In this way, the bath ball for bathing, and the dirty clothes that are changed and washed must be temporarily hung on the clothes hook.

      The cloth hook is usually made of rigid material into a curved or curved hook shape, which occupies a small area and has a strong bearing capacity, which is very practical.

3. Put the toothbrush.

      The cup holder installed in the bathroom can hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, which is convenient for washing. When purchasing, pay attention to the fit of the cup and the cup holder. Usually, you can buy a complete set of the cup holder and mouthwash cup, which is more uniform and looks more beautiful.

4. Put soap.

(1) Soap case

      All kinds of materials and shapes are available, which is very convenient, saves table space, and is not afraid of water splashing.

(2) Soap holder

      The difference between a soap holder and a soap case is that it can filter water, so you don’t have to worry about soap being soaked in water, and you can buy it according to your own needs.

      Soapdishes can place soap and soap containers, and there are many choices of materials, such as alloys, plastics, wood, or ceramics. However, I recommend that you buy anti-soaking strips or a soap dish with a mesh design, which can effectively drain the water in the soapbox without wasting soap and soap.

5. Hygienic and clean.

      Toilet cleaner brush is a must for every family, and it is unsanitary and unsightly to put it directly on the ground, so it needs a pendant to assist.

6. Toilet paper hanging.

(1) Double tissue holder

      The double-hung upper platform can place items like miniature books or mobile phones.

(2) Double hanging tissue box

      According to the actual selection, it can play the role of waterproof sealing.

      A tissue holder must be installed in a bathroom that integrates the bathroom and toilet. For the tissue holder so far, I recommend choosing a closed tissue box, which can prevent the water mist from wetting the toilet paper.

7. Place items.

(1) Glass bathroom shelves

      Place all kinds of toiletries.

(2) Stainless steel shower shelf

      Much safer than glass.

(3) Shower shelf with net basket

      Has a water filter function.

(4) Stainless steel tripod

      Need several layers can be purchased according to demand.

      A double-layer bathroom rack or multi-layer bathroom rack is a relatively common hardware pendant in the bathroom, which can place dry clothes and towels. It has a powerful storage capacity, so that many families will buy it.

8. Telescopic mirror

      Generally, it is placed in front of the bathroom cabinet, which can be used for women’s makeup or men’s shaving. Because the large bathroom mirror is generally far away from the bathroom cabinet, the retractable mirror is a must-have.

II. Classification according to material and process.

1.  Space aluminum pendant

      The surface of space aluminum is white, which should be called an aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is lightweight, resistant to high temperature and impact, and can only be processed by simple modeling. But the surface is not as smooth as stainless steel, and the price is reasonable.

2.304 stainless steel pendant

      There is a layer of purification film on the surface of the stainless steel pendant. The matte brushed models are generally seen on the market to protect the steel body from corrosion, and the high-end ones have bright models with high prices. This is also a relatively common and high-quality pendant on the market.

3. Electroplating pendants

      Brass electroplating pendants can be made in various colors, such as titanium gold and antique. There are also stainless steel electroplating and zinc alloy electroplating. Generally speaking, brass electroplating is the best, and the price is the most expensive.

III. How to buy suitable bathroom accessories?

      Bathroom accessories expensive is not necessarily good, and have a lot to do with the production process. For example, pendants are made of plastic products, and some craftsmanship is much better than metal.

      If you want something affordable and easy to use, choose a space aluminum pendant. The better one is stainless steel, which is electroplated or brushed, and the better one is brass electroplating. Therefore, the economic conditions are good. Generally, families recommend using stainless steel or copper electroplating to meet the requirements.

      Space aluminum is cheap and corrosion-resistant, but the surface is not as smooth. Therefore, in both stainless steel and copper electroplating, the quality depends on the electroplating quality. It can be seen under the light. If there is trachoma or unevenness, the quality is not very good.

IV. What bathroom accessories style do you choose for yourself?

      Generally, it depends on the decoration style or your lamps’ color. For example, the chandeliers at home are brass, and the mirror headlights are also made of brass. It is best to unify the colors of the identical pendants. Of course, it is best to match the square pendant in terms of shape, square wash basin, and square faucet.

      When you choose bathroom accessories, you should focus on style and quality and choose these bathroom accessories for practical performance. The above knowledge about bathroom accessories, I hope it can help you.


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