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How to Choose a Bathroom Cabinet?

As we all know, the bathroom cabinet in the bathroom is used very frequently every day. In addition to washing and washing the face, it also has a storage function. If it is just a simple washbasin, there will be no place for many things in the bathroom, and the environment will be very chaotic. convenient.

Moreover, as a humid environment, the bathroom must be well stored, otherwise the accumulation of too many things will breed bacteria. Now George Bathroom will  introduce to you how to choose bathroom cabinets and what to pay attention to when choosing bathroom cabinets. We have introduced knowladge about bathroom cabinet on the other page: Bathroom Cabinets Introducing.

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Ⅰ. How to choose a bathroom cabinet

Waterproof performance

If you are in the Southeast Asia, due to its geographical location, there are only rainy and dry seasons in a year. Although the rainy season does not mean that it rains every day, for a long period of time, the precipitation in the rainy season is obviously higher than that in the dry season, and most of the rainy season is accompanied by typhoons.

The rainfall is concentrated, the precipitation is very large, and the air humidity is high. In this humid environment, coupled with the high humidity of the bathroom, if the waterproofness of the bathroom cabinet cannot be guaranteed, and the cabinet body is not painted and the board is not airtight, the cabinet door is extremely susceptible to moisture deformation.

In addition, the storage items will also produce an unpleasant odor after being wet, and if they are heavy, they will become moldy. Therefore, the waterproofness of bathroom cabinets is particularly important.

bathroom cabinet waterproof

▲Waterproof bathroom cabinets can be divided into three series:

A. Solid wood cabinet bathroom cabinet

(a) Integrated sheet bathroom cabinet

Features: Made of solid wood integrated board, the appearance is solid wood, the waterproof performance is good, and it is easy to process.

Disadvantages: Uneven edges, cracking of glue seams and cabinet deformation are easy to occur between the splicing of the plates; the plates are mostly made of glue, so they contain formaldehyde, which is easy to cause serious harm to the human body.

(b) Solid wood bathroom cabinet

Features: Simple, elegant appearance and heavy.

Disadvantages: Limited by the size of solid wood panels, the cabinet is made of panels, which will easily crack and deform when the moisture inside the panels evaporates. The waterproof performance is poor, and there are dark holes and clean dead corners that are easy to breed bacteria.

(c) Oak bathroom cabinet

Features: Oak from Malaysia or Thailand is mostly used, which has the characteristics of high density, hard texture, moderate moisture content, clear texture, few knots, bright color, not easy to deform, not easy to grow insects, not easy to rot, and low formaldehyde emission.

Disadvantages: Expensive. Most of the wooden cabinets on the market are used as oak bathroom cabinets, and consumers should buy them carefully.

B. PVC bathroom cabinet

Features: The material basically does not absorb water, swell or deform.

Disadvantages: It is a chemical board with high formaldehyde content, the material is soft, the hinge connection part of the cabinet door is easy to loosen, the resilience is poor, it is afraid of high temperature, and it is easy to change color.

C. Metal bathroom cabinet

(a) Stainless steel waterproof bathroom cabinet

Most of them are made of 202 and 304 stainless steel plates. The main components of stainless steel are alloys of nickel and chromium. One way to distinguish whether it is high-quality stainless steel is to use a magnet to test it.

High-quality stainless steel has very small magnetic properties and cannot be easily changed by magnets. The molecules are arranged so that they are not attracted by magnets like iron.

It is doped with iron that can be sucked up. This is an inferior stainless steel that is easy to rust. Generally, the corrosion resistance, strength and plasticity of stainless steel are relatively weak. Also pay attention to the thickness of stainless steel. The choice of stainless steel must have strong chemical stability, sufficient strength and plasticity.

Features: Good stainless steel bathroom cabinet with good waterproof performance.

Disadvantages: Limited by the material, the cabinet is thin, and the practicability is not strong.

(b) Magnesium aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet

The most popular aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles are used, which are firm and non-deformable. The surface has undergone special oxidation treatment, which will not form secondary oxidation and will not change color. It is 100% waterproof and 100% aldehyde-free.

Material selection

According to the material selection, there are still many materials for bathroom cabinets. Generally speaking, solid wood > plywood > PVC board > MDF. Choose materials that are durable, corrosion-resistant, and moisture-resistant.

A. Pure solid wood bathroom cabinet

Advantages: The bathroom cabinet made of solid wood has a good touch and an elegant appearance, and the solid wood makes people feel close to nature.

Disadvantages: Moisture resistance is not as good as other materials in the bathroom. If the treatment and maintenance are not good, it will cause deformation and cracking, and the cost and selling price are too high, so there are few in the market now.

B. PVC bathroom cabinet

Advantages: Good moisture-proof and waterproof performance, long service life. Because PVC is easy to process, the design style is very rich and cost-effective, so it is very popular with the public.

Disadvantages: The bathroom cabinet made of PVC is not easy to put heavy objects, and there is no problem with ordinary daily necessities. PVC is easy to fade, and if it is not maintained well, it will affect the overall appearance.

C. MDF bathroom cabinet

MDF bathroom cabinets are also man-made bathroom cabinets, of which plywood and particle boards are used more. In fact, many bathroom cabinets now use this artificial board as the base material, because this board does not require high processing technology and can be surface treated with different decorative surfaces. Compared with solid wood, the price is much cheaper and the price is very high.

Hardware accessories

Hardware is the link connecting the cabinet. It is related to whether it is convenient for daily use. Check whether the size of the handle is appropriate, whether the hinge opens and closes smoothly, whether the improvement of the surface is easy to fall, and so on. Don’t underestimate the hardware, otherwise it will not rust and fall off even after a long time.

For example, faucets and angle valves are supplied as a package. Most of the quality is not very good, especially the inferior aluminum alloy. The faucet contains more impurities and the heavy metals are beyond the standard, so try to choose a good quality or buy it in advance.

You can also choose low-lead antibacterial copper to avoid metal exceeding the standard, such as H59 copper and 62 copper are relatively good, the price is also moderate, the cost performance is relatively high, the valve core chooses high-quality ceramic valve core, heat-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to leak water.

Selection of storage

If it is a small amount of storage, the mirror cabinets, alcoves and shelves with clear layers and clear planning are preferred. Use wall cabinets first for large storage, or minimalist floor cabinets. The main storage space of the bathroom cabinet is still in the space above the table, and the bottom is too humid and not suitable for storage. The cabinet adopts a floating design, which can avoid the appearance of sanitary dead corners, and does not occupy the floor, so it is light and compact.

Color selection

Bright and refreshing, low saturation is the reference for choosing the color of bathroom cabinets, among which white, so that the overall space will look very clean, with bright tiles, walls or shower curtains, there will be no conflict. There are also black and light luxury home decoration, which looks very textured. Cabinets whose colors are too jumpy can be used, but you need to ask professionals to help design, otherwise it will be difficult to control.

bathroom cabinet selection of color1

A. Beige

In recent years, light-colored bathroom cabinets are still the mainstream choice, while beige is a color between camel and white, which has both the elegant atmosphere of camel and the pure romance of white.

The color combination of beige bathroom cabinet + blue and white bathroom wall can make people feel warm and pure.

B. Log color

Natural and fresh bathroom cabinets are one of the mainstream of fashionable bathroom cabinets. This wood color is a kind of pastoral color returning to nature. If the combination of log color bathroom cabinets + light yellow walls + a large mirror can make the small bathroom space invisible increased a lot.

The black drawer handles add a little chromatic aberration to a warm color, which will make the color of the bathroom fuller and richer.

bathroom cabinet selection of color2
bathroom cabinet selection of color3

C. Light yellow

Light yellow is the closest to natural color, and light yellow can be matched with many colors to give a good visual effect, such as black, red and so on.

The color combination of light yellow trimmed bathroom mirror + light yellow cabinet body + white washbasin can make the bathroom space present a richer, more comfortable and casual atmosphere.

D. Brown

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, although the price of solid wood will be slightly higher, it is the most durable choice. The classic brown color of the wood board gives people the feeling of experiencing all kinds of life.

If you choose a deep solid wood color bathroom cabinet + pure white color combination, it can make the contrast between the two ends of the bathroom space more obvious. A touch of pure comfort is crossed in classic.

bathroom cabinet selection of color4
bathroom cabinet selection of color5

E. Black

Black is the most classic and fashionable color. If you want black bathroom products, you will interpret mysterious stories, giving people a sense of ethereal and seductive.

Black and white themed bathroom cabinets + smooth furnishings cabinets + mirrors with black borders have a mysterious feeling, which is a unique visual enjoyment.


Consumers with sufficient budget can choose to customize the bathroom cabinet. The space in the bathroom is limited, and objects such as toilets and shower rooms should be placed. The customized bathroom cabinet can make use of the space and corners according to the size of the apartment, so that it is neat and unified without being messy.

The style of the basin is recommended to choose a ceramic integrated basin. If you choose an integrated basin, you don’t have to worry about hiding dirt and dirt, and the appearance is also high. The material of the basin is ceramic, marble, glass, etc. It is recommended to choose high-temperature ceramics, which is good for anti-fouling, waterproof and scratch resistance.

Ⅱ. What should we pay attention to when choosing a bathroom cabinet?

Pay attention to the moisture resistance of the material

When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof properties of the material. Because there is more water vapor in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet must be more resistant to moisture. 

Some bathroom cabinets made of artificial boards have poor moisture resistance and water resistance, and are not suitable as bathroom cabinets.

bathroom cabinet attention1
bathroom cabinet attention2

Pay attention to the environmental protection of materials

Bathroom cabinets, especially those made of sheet metal, should pay special attention to their environmental friendliness. The environmental protection of bathroom cabinets of different materials is also different. 

When purchasing, if your budget allows, it is best to choose a bathroom cabinet with better environmental protection.

Pay attention to material color

When choosing the material of the bathroom cabinet, you can pay attention to the color of the material. The choice of material and color can be based on the overall style of the bathroom and family preferences. 

At present, on the market, white is still the mainstream color in the bathroom, whether it is a bathroom cabinet or a countertop.

bathroom cabinet attention3
bathroom cabinet attention4

Choose bathroom cabinets of different specifications according to the actual area and design of the bathroom

Generally speaking, if the traditional bathroom has a small space, You can choose a single cabinet combined with a mirror or a hanging cabinet suitable for the corner. 

In addition, a small multi-bag is embedded under the mirror edge, which does not affect the original Space, without having to replace basic equipment, making small bathrooms also have compact and practical storage equipment.

Ⅲ. What are the types of bathroom cabinets according to the way they are placed?

Hanging type

The hanging type requires the wall to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall. This kind of bathroom cabinet is suspended under the air, which is easy to take care of the bathroom hygiene, and there is basically no hygiene dead corner. 

In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Insulated walls and lightweight partitions cannot be fitted with this type of product.

bathroom cabinet hanging type
bathroom cabinet floor-standing


There is little difference between floor-standing cabinets and hanging cabinets, that is, they do not pick the wall, but the bottom of the cabinet is not easy to take care of, and the cabinet is easy to get wet.

Ⅳ. How to clean bathroom cabinets?

1. When the bathroom cabinet is just bought, you must be careful when handling it. The ceramic basin is also fragile. It should be gently lifted and placed, but not pulled hard. When placing the bathroom cabinet, the ground should also be flat.

2. Do not put the bathroom cabinet under the sun, it is best to put it in a ventilated place, and it can not be placed in a very dry place.

3. If you accidentally smoke in the bathroom and burn the paint surface, you can take a toothpick, wrap it with a layer of cloth, and slowly wipe the burn marks. You can also get some thin vinegar to remove it.

4. If you get some white burn marks on the bathroom cabinet, you can try to wipe it with alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene on a cloth.

5. If there are water stains and the cloth is wet, cover it on the bathroom cabinet, you can press the wet cloth with an electric iron, and the stains can disappear immediately.

6. If the paint surface of the bathroom cabinet is accidentally scratched and the cabinet is not damaged, you can use crayons or paints of the same color to smear and repair the surface of the bathroom cabinet, and then apply some nail polish on it.

7. It is necessary to wipe the dust off the bathroom cabinet with a cloth from time to time, remember to spray some detergent on the cloth.

8. Also wax the bathroom frequently, every 6 months or so.

9. The daily cleaning of the bathroom cabinet is very simple. The ceramic basin can be cleaned with water, detergent, soapy water, etc.

10. If the ceramic basin is scratched in the bathroom cabinet, you can apply some toothpaste, wipe it repeatedly with a cloth, and then wax it to restore the bathroom cabinet to its original appearance.

bathroom cabinet clean

The above is the introduction on how to choose a suitable bathroom cabinet. As a bathroom cabinet manufacturer,  George Bathroom can provide you with more knowledge and more favorable prices. We have a professional team, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we are online 24 hours to help you. 

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