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Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or designing a brand-new sanctuary for peace and comfort, the right bathtub can elevate your bathroom’s look. A beautiful bathtub can create a bold statement in your space, transforming it into a luxurious treat.

Choosing a new bathtub is undoubtedly an important decision. It is one of the most expensive fixtures in your bathroom space. Therefore, the decision must be based on appeal and functionality.

However, selecting the right one can be daunting with countless styles, materials, and features to consider. Here’s our expert guide on how to choose a bathtub that will elevate the look of your space and enhance your bathing experience.

Things to consider before selecting a bathtub

1.      Bathtub Type

There are different types of bathtubs based on style. You can select any style depending on your preference, interior, and space in the bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub:

This type of bathtub is not attached to any walls and stands on its own. It can serve as a focal point in a bathroom, increasing your space’s aesthetic appeal and style. Its tub is deeper than other bathtubs, providing a comforting bathing experience to users. However, due to its standalone design, there is no provision for faucets, making installation complex.

Drop in Bathtubs:  

The drop-in bathtubs come as tub shells only. They are fitted in an enclosed deck, also known as a built-in or deck-mounted bathtub. With their versatility, users can customize the deck according to the space’s interior, giving a luxurious appeal to the bathroom.

Their maintenance and cleaning are easy. However, the installation requires professional help. If you are looking for a bathtub that can be installed in a spacious bathroom, then a drop-in bathtub is just the right style for you.

3-wall alcove 

It is a tub/shower combination that is designed to maximize space efficiency. They are made of durable materials like fiberglass, acrylic, etc. Alcove bathtubs are affordable as they are relatively less expensive than other types. Due to their short height, they are perfect for kids’ bathrooms as the in and out access is quite easy. 

Whirlpool bathtub:

This bathtub has swirling jets of water to give a relaxing spa-like experience to users. Due to these water jets, a whirlpool bathtub is also known as Jetted bathtub or a Jacuzzi bathtub. Whirlpool bathtub has numerous health benefits like muscle relaxation, increased blood circulation, pain relief, etc. However, it is quite costly and also takes a lot of water to fill, hence increasing water consumption.

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2. Construction Materials

Tubs are made from many different materials. Each material has its own characteristics, advantages, and considerations. The prices vary from basic materials to premium materials. 


Acrylic is a very popular choice of material in bathtubs. This versatile material has a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. The bathtubs made of acrylic are lightweight but durable. It is non-porous and hence resistant to stains. If you choose an acrylic bathtub for your bathroom, it will require less maintenance. Moreover, it is an affordable and cost-friendly option compared to other materials in the market. 


Fiberglass is one of the most economical materials for bathtubs made from reinforced plastic sheets. The material is quite durable. However, it is porous and absorbs water, making the tub prone to material warping. 


This luxurious material gives a timeless and classic appeal to your interior space. It is heavyweight, stable, and durable. If you want to enjoy relaxing long baths, then a cast-iron bathtub will provide excellent heat retention. This expensive material is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. However, it needs re-enameling to preserve its beauty.


Porcelain is popular due to its durability and elegance. It is constructed by coating a cast iron or steel tub with a layer of porcelain enamel. Hence porcelain tubs give a glossy finish that provides resistance to stains and scratches. Porcelain tubs are expensive but give your bathroom a luxurious and sophisticated look. 


If the purpose of buying a bathtub is to enhance the elegance of your bathroom and provide practicality, then a ceramic bathtub is a very suitable option. Made of high-quality clay, it is non-porous and resistant to staining and fading. Ceramic bathtubs can retain their durability and beauty for a very long time period. However, its heavy weight can make installation difficult and may require additional structural support. 

 3. Size

Size is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a bathtub for your bathroom.  If you have a spacious, large bathroom, then you can go for large bathtubs like freestanding, Drop-in bathtubs. However, a corner or alcove bathtub can maximize your interior space efficiently for small spaces.

4. Depth of the tub:

The bathtubs that have larger tubs offer a relaxing bathing experience. Small bathtubs are compact and may hinder your comfort. However, larger bathtubs take longer to fill, hence more water consumption. Therefore, the bill for water increases. 

5. Installation

Installation of bathtubs depends upon the size and shape of the tub. Usually, bathtubs are complicated to install, as it requires the installation of plumbing, faucets, and sometimes construction of a deck like in drop-in tubs. 

Alcove bathtubs are relatively easy to install. Whereas drop-in and whirlpool bathtubs have a complex installation. A freestanding bathtub, due to its standalone design, is also challenging to install because there is no provision for faucets as it is not supported by any platform. 

While installing, it is important to ensure that the plumbing doesn’t have a clustered appearance; therefore, a professional expert can do this job better.

On the basis of material, acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs are easiest to install due to their lightweight. In comparison, heavyweight tubs like enameled cast iron require special support for installation. 

6. Price

Bathtubs are generally the most expensive fixture in any bathroom. Different bathtubs have different prices depending on the style, material and adds on features. 

Price per Material

Different materials have different ranges of bathtubs. Along with the material, the features and style also affect the price. 

Acrylic bathtubs are affordable options with a normalized price starting from around 500$. Fiberglass is also the cheapest material. However, its quality is also low, like its price. Porcelain bathtubs have a price range between 300-1500$. Cast iron bathtubs are on the luxurious side, and the cost can reach up to 3000$. 

Price per Style:

From standalone freestanding bathtubs to luxurious corner and whirlpool bathtubs, there are various styles available in the market. Along with style, the price is also based on the size of the bathtub. You can get a basic 3-wall alcove bathtub in 400. With additional features, the price can reach up to 800$. Similarly, drop-ins are simple designs, and the price range is 300$-900$. In Drop-in tubs, the additional cost is on constructing a deck or platform on which the drop-in will be fixed.

A freestanding bathtub can cost around 1000$-3000$. However, it doesn’t include other additional fixtures like faucets and labor costs. Higher-end models of bathtubs with features like water jets, inline heaters, etc., have prices around 4000$-1000$.

7. Purpose of Use

When choosing the bathtub for any bathroom, one must consider why you need to buy it. If you want a bathtub just for a quick shower or bath, then an Alcove tub/shower combination is perfect. But if you want to have a spa-life relaxing bathing experience, then Jacuzzi or jetted bathtubs are perfect for this purpose. 

If you have kids and want to buy a bathtub for the kids’ bathroom, an Alcove bathtub is the most kid-friendly option. Alcove bathtubs are as low as 14”. Due to their short height, the in and out access for kids is easy. A standard walk-in tub is suitable for older people in the house.

Therefore, before buying the bathtub, analyze who and how the bathtub will be used.


You have learned all about how to choose the right bathtub for your bathroom. Now is the time to buy. Simply visit and check out our beautiful and elegant collection of bathtubs. 

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