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How to Install a Shower Door?

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Table of Contents

Are you struggling to find a way to install a shower door? Don’t worry; your effort ends here! There are two reasons why you should install a shower door yourself. 

One includes locating a highly professional shower door installation expert is difficult. Many individuals exist, claiming to be experts. Such non-technical persons can lead you to experience financial loss and wrong installation. 

shower glass

The second one includes affording a skillful and expert individual is only possible for some because a real expert costs a lot. 

Therefore, these guides cater to the step-by-step process to facilitate effective shower door installation. Sounds great? Keep scrolling through the guide to get insights on crucial aspects!

What is a Shower Door?

A shower door refers to a door that is an essential accessory to the bathroom. It plays two leading roles within a bathroom. The first includes providing a watertight bathing area, and the second includes preventing water from escaping the bathroom while bathing.

These doors come in two different variants, one is frameless, and the other is framed. You can choose any shape, from curved to flat or irregular. You can also select a sliding door or a pivotal one per your suitability and requirements.

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How to Install a Shower Door? – Step By Step Process

Get familiar with the step-by-step process you need to follow while installing a bathroom shower door down below:

Collect the Tools and Materials You Need

There are specific tools and materials that will help you in the installation process of the shower doors. Some of the critical materials and tools are as follows for your reference:


  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Indelible Marker
  • Utility Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Rachet
  • Bubble Leveller
  • Caulk gun
  • Pry bar
  • Drill Bit Set
  • Hacksaw
  • Mitre box
  • Metal File


  • Shower Door
  • Silicone Caulk
  • Screws
  • Anchors


Start the installation by taking measurements. This is essential for achieving appropriate door fitting. For this, you need to make three measurements such as:

  • Height of the wall (up to 1.5 m (5 ft))
  • Length of threshold
  • The halfway point of thresholds

You can use the measuring tape to take these measurements. Make sure to write down these measurements on the paper. Make sure to develop a drawing in 2d or 3d format. This will later help you in the installation process. These measurements will be going to assist you in finding out the dimensions for door rails. 

Install shower door 1

Extend your measurements by considering the shower range. Measure from the center point of the shower opening in this regard. Ensure to leave optimum clearance for close-lying plumbing fixtures, e.g., sink or toilet. 

Door Selection

The style of the door you select dramatically influences the aesthetics and functioning. You can choose any door, either a swinging one or a sliding one. But while selecting anyone, take this into your consideration. Swinging doors consume less space.

They are suitable for shower stalls and measure less than 120 cm (wall to wall). They are best for sliding doors for bathrooms featuring bigger spaces, usually greater than 150 cm for enclosures. 

Install shower door 2

Please note that the halfway point threshold concern rises while putting the sliding door in place. This is because of the overlapping of the two separate door panels. Consider different styles and sizes of the entrances to make an appropriate selection.

Base Rack Cutting

Now comes the cutting of the base rack. While doing so, consider the threshold measurement. You can use the hacksaw to process the rack cutting. Ensure to keep the length of the base rack as per threshold measurement. This will lead you to face a snug fitting.

Install shower door 3

Using a miter box will help you achieve accurate and precise cuts. You can use the metal file to smoothen out the sawed ends. Use the vacuum pump after finalizing the cutting operation. This will remove the metal shavings, which, if not removed, scratch up your bathroom flooring. 

Positioning and Installation of the Base Rail

Place the base rail on the center of the base track. To do so, make use of measuring tape. Make sure to align it precisely and accurately. Even an error of 0.75 inches does not allow you to close the door effectively. You can use a pencil for center marking and appropriate placement. 

After positioning the base rail, now comes sealing. Use silicone sealant with a caulk gun to put it on either side of the base track. After deploying the adhesive, hold the base rail over it for a few minutes so that it grip the railing. 

Install shower door 4

Please note that a suitable sealant can take 3 to 12 hours to seal the base completely. While sealing takes place, make sure to avoid using the shower. In short, please keep it away from water to enjoy better results.

Aligning and Installation of Hinge Side Jamb

Take the hinge side jamb and align it with the base rail. Make sure to keep it 100% straight and flat. Ignoring this will lead you to experience minor gaps in the finished frame. The difference between the hinge side and strike side jamb is that there exists—a number of slots on the hinge side jamb. 

The door hinge is usually placed on the side opposite the shower stalls. When it comes to sliding doors, there lies no specific hinge side. For swinging doors, it follows the same process.

Now begin marking the holes on the wall through the slots with the help of a pencil or indelible marker. These dots will indicate the points where you need to drill the holes to secure the jamb to the wall. Please note that grease pencils perform better in markings than graphite ones when marking the walls or tiles. 

Install shower door 5

Now separate the hinge side jamb from the wall and start drilling holes with the help of the drill. Ensure each hole is around 4.4cm deep when you have finished the hole drilling. Now put the plastic anchors within the gaps. These anchors play a significant part in holding the screws and, eventually, the hinge side jamb with higher strength. 

Install shower door 6

Now put the jamb against the holes and start inserting the screws. You can use a screwdriver for this purpose. Get the aid of the helper, as he will help you hold the jamb against the wall. Make sure to drill at a slower pace to avoid overtightening. Overtightening may lead to the formation of stress cracks in the surrounding frame. 

Installing Strike Side Jamb

Repeat the above process with the strike side jamb. Start with the alignment, then marking, drilling, and installation. After installing the strike side jamb, you will have finished installing the three frame pieces. 

Make sure to follow the straightening and alignment for each piece. Do not screw the part without inserting the anchors. Installing the strike side jamb is super convenient than the hinge side jamb. The strike side jamb often comprises the L-shaped portion, which acts as a door stopper. 

Cutting and Measuring the Head Rail

To begin cutting the head rail, first close the door. Use the measuring tape to take measurements from one side to the other. Place markings on the frame header with the help of a pencil or indelible marker. After this, utilize a hacksaw to cut the header rail.

Install shower door 7

Employ the metal file to smoothen out the rough edges of the cutting side. Please note that avoid duplicating the dimensions of the base rail to the header rail. It may vary most times. You must do so to avoid facing financial loss regarding the header rail.

Installing the Head Rail

In the final step, you must position the head rail on the top frame. Now deal with the adjustments until it takes its place. In case the header on the top features screw holes. It would help if you used it to fasten the title securely. 

In most of the shower door designs out there, the headers contain slots for proper installation. Use the shorter arm on the outward side (towards the door) when installing the swinging doors. This facilitates the convenient opening and shutting of the shower door.

After installing the fourth part, put the silicone sealant on the entire frame to ensure a tight grip and seal. Later smooth out the caulk by cleaning. 

Inspection and Testing

After the installation process, to ensure better functioning, inspect the shower door appropriately. Follow these measures:

  • Cross-check the door alignment and make sure it is accurate. In case not, then make the proper adjustments.
  • Open and close the door multiple times and ensure it works optimally.
  • Make sure that the door closes effectively. It does not allow the water to come out. If there is a rubber seal, ensure it is in its place.
  • If there is anything loose in the components, ensure the optimum tightness. This will make your installation safe in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to save up costs or time finding an expert to install the shower door, this guide will serve you best. You can install the shower door on the go using the above steps. There is no need to spend time gaining experience or knowledge in shower door installation.

The above information will always satisfy you, regardless of your goal to establish the swinging or sliding door. Try this procedure yourself and witness the level of practicality it offers.

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