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Water faucets are everywhere in life, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. With the development of society, there are many different ways to turn on the water faucet. Next, let’s learn about the opening and closing methods of the water faucet with George bathroom and how to choose the water faucet correctly!

I. What types of faucets are there?

1. According to the material

It can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, all plastic, brass, zinc alloy material water faucet, polymer composite material water faucet, and other categories.

2. According to the structure

It can be divided into several types of water faucets such as single-connection, double-connection, and triple-connection. In addition, the water faucet also has a single handle and a double handle.

The single-connected water faucet can be connected to a cold water pipe or a hot water pipe.

The double-connected water faucet can be connected to two hot and cold pipes at the same time, and is mostly used for the kitchen faucet of the kitchen sink with a hot water supply.

Double faucet

In addition to connecting the two pipes of hot and cold water, the triple water faucet can also be connected to the showerhead, which is mainly used for the bathroom faucet of the bathtub.

The single handle water faucet adjusts the temperature of hot and cold water with one handle.

The double handle water faucet needs to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe separately to adjust the water temperature.

3. According to the valve core

It can be divided into rubber core, ceramic valve core and stainless steel valve core. The most critical factor affecting the quality of the water faucet is the valve core.

Rubber core (for screw faucet)

Water faucets with rubber cores are mostly cast iron faucets with screw opening, which have been basically eliminated.

Ceramic valve core

       Ceramic valve core water faucets are of better quality and are more common.

Stainless steel valve core (mostly used for ball valve)

Stainless steel spools are more suitable for areas with poor water quality.

II. What are the switching methods of the faucet?

1. Spiral handle

When the handle of the screw water tap is opened, it needs to be rotated several times, which is more troublesome to use. Generally, in order to save water, people will turn off the water tap when rubbing their hands with detergent. It will be slippery and troublesome to twist the water tap with the hands of detergent, so it is not recommended.

2. Lift type

The lift-type water tap switch only needs to be lifted up to discharge the water, and the water flow can be controlled by the opening angle, which is more convenient and hygienic.

3. Inductive

The inductive water tap switch only needs to put your hand under the water tap, and the water will automatically flow out, which is more convenient to use, which is hygienic and saves water.

4. Wrench type

The wrench-type water tap switch generally only needs to be rotated 90 degrees, and the opening angle can also be used to control the water flow. This water tap switch is more suitable for kitchen use.

III. How to choose a faucet correctly?

1. Look at the surface

The valve body of the water tap is made of brass, after grinding and polishing, the surface is nickel-plated and chrome-plated. The coating of regular products has specific process requirements, and has passed the neutral salt spray test, and there is no rust phenomenon within the specified time limit.

Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to the luster of the surface of the water tap, and there is no burr, no pores, and no oxidation spots when you touch it. To distinguish the quality of the water tap depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

2. Turn the handle

Gently turn the handle to see if it is light and flexible, and whether there is a sense of blocking and stagnation. Some very cheap water taps all use high-quality valve cores, and the technical coefficients are not up to the standard, and their prices differ by 3-4 times.

Therefore, do not set the price of the water tap as the only standard when purchasing. When turning the handle of a good water tap, there is no excessive gap between the water tap and the switch, and the opening and closing are easy and unobstructed, and the low-quality water tap not only has a large gap, but also has a great sense of obstruction.

3. Listen to the sound

A good water tap has a dull sound when tapped. If the sound is very brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be a notch worse.

4. Recognition mark

General regular goods have the brand logo of the manufacturer to identify and prevent counterfeiting. However, some informal water taps often only stick some paper labels, or even no marks. Therefore, you must pay attention when purchasing.

5. Check the parts

Check whether the various parts of the water tap, especially the main parts, are tightly assembled and there is no loose feeling. The valve body and handle of a good water tap are all made of graded brass, with a heavy weight and a dignified feeling.

The above are the faucet switch opening methods shared by George Bathroom for you. It is recommended that you choose the opening method of the faucet according to your own actual situation. I hope the above sharing can help you. If you need more information, please continue to pay attention to the George bathroom website.


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