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      It is often said that the bathroom is the place that best reflects the quality of a family’s life, but where is the difference in quality?

      In addition to bathroom space size, layout planning, and other hardware, the choice of bathroom equipment cannot be ignored. For example, when concealed shower entered the family house, it provided a brand-new solution for creating high-quality bathrooms.

      However, when many homeowners decorate their bathrooms, on the one hand, they will be interested in the high value and free space brought by the concealed shower minimalist design. On the other hand, they will be entangled in the hidden risks of invisible installation.

      Is it easy to damage the shower into the wall? The trouble with maintenance? Is it complicated to install? Whether a home bathroom renovation is suitable for the concealed shower, let’s hear what the designers say.

I. How to choose bathroom equipment to free up more space?

      With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for home furnishing are not only limited to functional satisfaction. The aesthetics of decoration is also improving, especially in processing details. It will tend to choose more delicate, beautiful, and textured decoration methods, such as a hidden shower in the bathroom.

      Although the concealed installation of the shower is more complicated and the price is relatively higher than the exposed installation, its advantages are also apparent. All the pipelines and joints are hidden in the wall. Only the control switch and shower head are exposed. It can make the bathroom look more concise, beautiful, and atmospheric, reduce the dead corners of hygiene, free up more space and bring more freedom to the shower experience.

II. What is the difference between an in-wall shower and a shower?

      At the same time, the in-wall shower also broke many shower restrictions.

      For example, the connecting rod, mixing valve, and shower are all connected. The installation height is fixed, and the height and position cannot be freely combined.

      The in-wall shower is relatively flexible. The mixing valve can not only be installed on the wall, but also can be pre-buried on the water platform. The height of the hidden shower can also be adjusted according to ergonomics. Moreover, concealed shower can be made relatively, which can bring a larger area of water output, and the comfort of the shower is also better.

III. Is concealed shower technology mature?

      What if the concealed shower is broken? Is it difficult to repair later? Need to hit a wall? Many homeowners have doubts when decorating, worrying that the in-wall installation method will be costly to maintain later. This is a misunderstanding.

      Concealed shower technology is already very mature and has many applications abroad. As long as the quality of the product itself passes the test, there is no problem in the installation process, and it is not easy to break when used.

      And now, concealed shower’s embedded parts are generally designed with embedded boxes. Unless the water pipe leaks or you want to replace the shower head of other sizes, the general maintenance does not need to smash the wall and remove the tiles. It is convenient to check the waterway problems and replace the valve core like a shower.

      As for the leakage of water pipes, some of the water pipes of the exposed shower will also be pre-buried in the ground or the wall. If you are worried, the exposed shower also has such a risk.

      In fact, with the current pipe fitting quality and construction technology, there is no need to worry about water leakage. concealed shower, which we often choose in the construction process.

      So, if you like the hidden zone shower method, you can do it confidently, as long as you choose a product with good quality and guaranteed after-sales.

IV. How to choose concealed shower ?

      Choosing a shower may seem trivial, but it is the key to affecting the bathing experience. The designer gave us a few details to focus on when shopping for a concealed shower.

1. Spool quality

      The valve core is the core of concealed shower and the most specific part of the whole concealed shower. The adjustment of concealed shower’s steering, mixing of hot and cold water, and water flow depends on the valve core. Its quality directly determines the life and quality of concealed shower.

     At present, the primary materials of the valve core are copper, stainless steel, and ceramics. The ceramic valve core has better aging resistance, wear resistance, and sealing performance, and is the most widely used in the high-quality concealed shower.

2. Outlet hole material

      There are many impurities in the water. These impurities quickly accumulate in the water outlet to form scale after a long time of concealed shower use, which affects the normal water output of the concealed shower.

      The high-quality concealed shower water outlet will be made of soft silicone material, so that the scale can be removed with a gentle touch, and it is not easy to be blocked by impurities.

3. water effect

      Concealed shower’s water output effects, such as water output area, water output, water output mode, and the somatosensory sensation of water hitting the body, are directly related to the comfort of the shower experience.

4. Ease of operation

      The control of the rain shower head is more convenient, and the experience is better. Top spray and the hand-held switch are switched by a two-gear knob, the instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the operation is simple. Even the elderly and children can efficiently operate.

5. Appearance value

      The rain shower head is the standard configuration of the bathroom, and its appearance directly affects the overall beauty of the bathroom space. When purchasing, pay attention to the appearance design and color of the concealed shower to match the bathroom’s overall style.

      In addition, the quality of the rainfall shower head surface coating will also affect the appearance of the rainfall shower head. If the quality of the coating is not good, it is easy to cause blistering, wrinkling, and paint peeling during use. Rainfall shower heads with good gloss and smoothness should be selected.

6. Price factor

      The price of concealed shower ranges from a few hundred to tens of thousands. How to choose a cost-effective product is also knowledge.

      For example, there are many three-function, five-function, and even multi-function hid zone showers in selecting hidden zone shower functions. The more functions, the higher the price.

      Many homeowners have purchased the multi-functional hidden zone shower, but they rarely use these various functions in the daily shower. Moreover, the more hidden zone shower functions, the more complicated the maintenance will be, so you must choose rationally based on your own needs to avoid wasting money.

7. Product choice

      Consumers tend to think that expensive is good one-sidedly. A concealed shower is not a very high-tech product. The manufacturing level of China’s big brands is not inferior to other national brands. At the same time, the shower head price made in China is more favorable.

V. What are the requirements for a hidden zone shower installation?

      The complicated installation may be why many families are discouraged from hidden zone showers. Still, most of those tortuous installation processes are due to the lack of necessary understanding of the installation skills of hidden zone showers.

  1. Hidden zone shower must be considered in advance. The pre-embedded box must be brought to the site and embedded according to the designed location during the hydropower construction stage. If the hydropower is completed and the tiles are pasted, it will be too late to want a hidden zone shower.
  2. Consider the size of the embedded box and the thickness of the wall, and whether the wall is suitable for slotted wiring to prevent it from being buried.
  3. The installation accuracy of the hidden zone shower is relatively high. It cannot be displayed after installation, and it isn’t easy to adjust with accessories, so it needs to be positioned accurately at one time.
  4. Also, pay attention to the depth of the pre-embedded box into the wall, which should be pre-embedded according to the size of the finished surface; that is to say, the thickness of the tile should be taken into account. Many users find that the embedded box is too deep into the wall to install or protrudes too much from the wall to affect the appearance when installing rainfall shower heads in the later stage, all because the depth of the embedded box is not adjusted correctly.

      Some high-end hidden zone shower installation instructions are more detailed, and following the instructions can help reduce installation difficulty.

      The switching valve and mixing valve also have protective covers, effectively preventing damage during installation. The universal horizontal bubble design can keep the top, bottom, left, and proper flush during installation to ensure the aesthetics of the installation.

VI. Concealed shower product recommendation

      To sum up, the concealed shower is high-end and straightforward. More work needs attention and operation in the early stage, and it is more popular with young users. The installation of surface-mounted showers is relatively simple, and the style does not have the atmosphere of the concealed shower. Still, it is very convenient for users to replace them later. You can choose the product that suits you according to your needs.


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