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Top 10 Best Building Materials Manufacturers of 2023

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Without the building materials industry, we wouldn’t have roads, houses, bridges, and many more. We tend to underestimate just how important this industry is when it comes to economic and infrastructural development.

The industry is diverse and it includes manufacturers producing various materials like cement, steel, concrete, wood, glass, plastics, insulation, roofing, and the list goes on.

When building materials are in demand, it translates to the growth of the construction sector which is influenced by factors like population growth, urbanization, economic conditions, and government policies.

But enough of the Economics lesson. Know that the building industry is constantly growing and advancing in tech, materials, and construction practices.

In the past few years, companies in the construction industry have been paying more attention to sustainability.

They are adopting environmentally friendly practices, reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, and using sustainable materials to protect and restore the environment.

building materials

In addition to sustainability, innovation is another driving force for the building materials industry. Manufacturers invest in research and development to develop new and improved products.

New products may use advanced technologies such as intelligent building systems, self-healing systems, or improved insulation. These improvements contribute to the efficiency of the entire construction industry.

The building materials industry is highly competitive, with many developers competing for market share. Companies are set apart by product quality, innovation, pricing, customer service, and reputation.

In this article, we’ll be acknowledging some of the top producers of building materials in the world and letting you know all about how these companies constantly produce quality materials that help your homes stay up.

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Saint-Gobain was founded in 1665 and is headquartered in Courbevoie, France. The company operates in about 70 countries, employing almost 170,000 people worldwide. It operates mostly in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

1. Product Portfolio

Saint-Gobain offers a variety of building materials and services including

Flat Glass: SG is a leading producer of flat glass used in windows, facades, windscreens, and transparent windows. They provide a lot of glass solutions ranging from energy-efficient glass, self-cleaning glass, solar-control glass, decorative glass, and much more. No matter what kind of glass you need for your interior or exterior decor, chances are, SG has it.

High-Performance Materials: The company also produces high-performance materials like ceramics, plastics, and abrasives. These materials are used in industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and healthcare.

Construction Materials: SG produces a good number of construction products like gypsum-based products, insulation materials, roofing solutions, pipe systems, and interior building products. Their brands include Gyproc, Isover, Weber, CertainTeed, and Placo.

Distribution: Saint Gobain has a network of distribution chains that supply their construction materials to professionals and DIY customers. Their distribution brands include Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, Raab Karcher, and Lapeyre.

Generating the highest revenue among construction manufacturers in 2022, Saint-Gobain continues to shape the construction sector and contribute to the development of safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing buildings. To learn more, check out their website at

China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (CNBM)

CNBM is a Chinese corporation that specializes in making building materials. It was created when two other companies joined together.

They’re not just any company though, they’re the largest manufacturer of building materials in the entire world. In fact, they’ve been recognized in the Fortune Global 500 for eleven years in a row. Here are some facts about CNBM.

They’re capable of producing enormous amounts of different materials. For example, they can make 400 million tons of cement clinker, 460 million cubic meters of ready-mix concrete, 2.47 billion square meters of plasterboard, 2.5 million tons of fiberglass, and even 31,500 wind turbine blades with a capacity of one gigawatt each. That’s more than any other company in the world.

In China, CNBM is the biggest producer of ultra-high voltage electrical porcelain, fused cast refractory, ultra-thin electronic float glass, and carbon fiber. They’re really good at making these advanced materials.

CNBM has a lot of research and design institutes, scientific employees, quality inspection centers, patents, laboratories, and engineering research centers.

They’re serious about innovation and making sure their products meet high standards. For further details, browse their website at

CRH (Cement Roadstone Holding)

Two public Irish companies merged in 1970 to form what is now known as CRH. CRH is a multinational construction company with global operations.

They own a variety of construction-related businesses and are involved in various sectors of the industry, such as building materials, cement, admixtures (such as sand, gravel, crushed stone), and ready-mixed concrete

CRH’s primary business is the supply of construction materials. From cement and concrete products to asphalt and prefabricated components, they provide most of the materials needed to build strong structures, such as those in our houses and, on a smaller scale, think about the bathtubs in our bathrooms.

CHR has dedicated time to acquiring and building brands to expand its global portfolio. They own some well-known brands in the building materials industry.

Some of their notable subsidiaries and brands include Oldcastle (in North America), Tarmac (in the UK), and C.R. Laurence (in glass and glazing systems). To find out more, check


Holcim is a building manufacturing company that primarily focuses on providing green solutions. Holcim is committed to sustainability and saving the environment.

They prioritize the responsible use of resources, energy efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions throughout their operations. Holcim actively seeks to develop innovative solutions that contribute to sustainable construction practices.

Here are some companies Holcim owns all over the world that help them achieve their environmental conservation goals.

Ecopact is the first and widest manufacturer of low carbon concrete and it’s owned by no other than Holcim. It’s available in over 30 markets and it comes in a variety of mixes.

Hydromedia permeable concrete is another acquisition of Holcim. Hydromedia is a water management system that drains rainwater from streets and provides adequate drainage to prevent the streets from flooding. It’s available all around the world and used in many more applications like roofs and pavements.

TectorPrint is the last Holcim acquisition we’ll be talking about. TectorPrint is a 3D printing ink that is marketed towards architects and designers. It helps these professionals showcase massive opportunities to build with less. To delve deeper, check


Ferguson, formerly known as Wolseley plc, is headquartered in the United Kingdom and operates globally.

It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Ferguson has a strong presence in North America, the United Kingdom, and other international markets.

They focus on producing plumbing, heating, ventilation, and building materials. To be a little more specific, their product catalog includes plumbing fixtures, pipes, valves, fittings, HVAC equipment, electrical supplies, tools, and a wide variety of building materials.

With its wide range of products, industry expertise, extensive distribution network, and commitment to sustainability, Ferguson is well-equipped to meet the needs of customers in the construction and maintenance sectors. For more information, check out their website at

Daikin Industries

Founded in 1924, Daikin is a Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning, heating, and other ventilation materials.

Their product range includes a wide range of split and segmented air conditioners, heat pumps, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems, chillers, air handlers, ceiling fans, and ventilation They also provide cooling systems for commercial and industrial applications.

They invest heavily in research and development to develop products that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

Daikin introduced tech like inverter-driven compressors, variable coolant flow control, and intelligent control systems.

Daikin operates in more than 150 countries and has a strong global presence. They have production facilities, sales offices, and service networks worldwide, letting them serve customers in various regions effectively.

Over the years they’ve also acquired numerous companies to expand their goal, some of these companies include Tewis, Zanotti, and AHT Group. To explore further, check

HeidelbergCement AG

HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest producers of building materials, with headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

Established in 1873, the company operates in over 50 countries and is a strong contender in the international market with all the other companies on this list.

HeidelbergCement produces and distributes construction materials. Their core products are cement, aggregates (such as crushed stone, sand, and gravel), and ready-mixed concrete.

They also produce supplementary building products like asphalt, precast concrete elements, and building materials for infrastructure projects.

HeidelbergCement has a vast network of quarries, mines, cement plants, and ready-mixed concrete production sites worldwide.

From individual builders to large-scale construction companies, infrastructure developers, and public authorities, HeidelbergCement caters to a truly large customer base. Check out their website at

Builders Firstsource

Builders FirstSource is a prominent building materials and construction services company in the US. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

It operates as a supplier and manufacturer of building materials, components, and construction services. The company targets professional contractors, builders, and remodelers.

BF manufactures materials like lumber, engineered wood, roofing materials, siding, windows, doors, cabinets, countertops, insulation, and many other construction-related items.

They also collaborate with other big construction manufacturers to provide a wide range of products for their customers.Apart from supplying building materials, Builders FirstSource offers some services to its customers.

These services include design assistance, project management, installation, and other construction-related services. They try to help their customers through every step of the construction journey.

With over 550 locations in 40 states. These locations include manufacturing facilities, showrooms, distribution centers, and sales offices. They have all these stations to ensure they deliver timely and efficiently to construction sites.

BF is a bigwig in the construction industry and has received numerous industry-recognition awards. The company has been listed in the Forbes “Best Midsize Employers” and “America’s Best Employers” rankings.

Going strong for over 25 years and counting, BuildersFirstSource doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. For purchases or inquiry, explore their website at

Anhui Conch Cement Company

Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited, mostly known as Conch Cement, is one of the largest cement producers in the world and is headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China.

It was founded in 1997 and has quickly grown into a major player in the global cement industry. The company specializes in producing cement and related products. It operates in multiple regions across China and has expanded internationally.

Anhui Conch Cement has an unbelievable production capacity, making it one of the largest cement manufacturers globally.

The company operates many cement plants with advanced production facilities and tech. It’s reportedly capable of producing over 360 million metric tons of cement per year.

Some of the types of cement ACC produces include Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Composite Cement (PCC), slag cement, oil well cement, and other specialized cement products. These products are used in all spheres of building.

Anhui Conch Cement has expanded far beyond China and is now a global brand. The company has invested in overseas cement production in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.

This expansion has allowed Anhui Conch Cement to cater to international markets and contribute to global development. Their LinkedIn is anhuiconch


Cemex is one of the oldest companies on this list. Founded in Mexico in 1906, Cemex has cemented (pun intended) its brand in over 50 countries and counting.

The company produces, distributes, markets, and sells cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and related building materials.

Especially cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates (such as crushed stone, sand, and gravel), asphalt, precast concrete products, and building solutions.

From America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, to the Middle East, the company owns cement plants, distribution centers, and quarries in multiple countries.

Cemex has supplied building materials for iconic structures, highways, bridges, airports, stadiums, and other major construction projects. Learn more about this brand and their goals at


The Top 10 Best Building Materials Manufacturers of 2023 showcase a diverse range of industry leaders, known for their innovation, sustainability, and quality.

These manufacturers stand out for their advanced materials, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to environmental responsibility, setting new standards in the construction and building industry.

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