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Water faucets are crucial to daily life, and whether it is a bathroom or a kitchen, domestic water is a must. As an essential accessory, the water faucet must be selected according to certain specifications. Below, George Bathroom will share with you how to choose a water faucet and avoid mistakes in purchasing. Come and have a look!

I. How to choose a water faucet?

1. Water saving

When choosing, you can ask the sales guide, whether the water flow rate of the water faucet is maintained at around 8.3 liters/min, and if so, you can buy it, because it achieves the purpose of saving water.

2. Durable

The surface treatment process is also an essential aspect of whether the water faucet is durable. A good water faucet is subjected to an acid high-temperature test and remains intact for more than 4 hours. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, a good water faucet is not prone to dripping and damage.

3. Easy to clean

The lampblack in the kitchen is still significant, and the surface of the water faucet tends to lose its luster after repeated cleaning. Some may appear to be discoloration and peeling of the coating. Therefore, when purchasing, you must understand the warranty period of the water faucet, which is generally not less than three years. And a good water faucet should be colorfast, wear-resistant, and can withstand brushing with steel wool and various cleaning agents.

II. What are the mistakes in purchasing water taps?

1. Is the induction water tap the most water-saving?

Induction water taps not only produce less water, but also have high prices and high maintenance costs. The use of induction water taps in households is not practical.

2. The smaller the flow, the more water-saving?

There are water-saving standards for water tap flow, and it is not conducive to water-saving if the flow is too large or too small. The water consumption equals the flow multiplied by the water consumption time. If the flow rate is too low, the water consumption time will be significantly prolonged, and the water-saving effect will not be achieved. Sometimes the flow rate of the water tap is too low, there may be a problem with the water tap valve, or the slag is blocked, and it should be cleaned or replaced in time.

3. Does the aerator water tap save water under any circumstances?

The primary function of the bubbler is to increase the number of air bubbles in the water and reduce the water output. However, the bubbler weakens the impact force of the water flow and requires a large amount of water, which is not conducive to saving water.

4. Does the water tap have hot and cold temperature adjustments?

The water tap’s hot and cold temperature adjustment function can only be realized by having two hot and cold-water inlet hoses and a ceramic valve core.

5. Don’t you need to consider the basin when choosing a water tap?

After many consumers install the countertop basin, they do not notice that the counter basin becomes taller. The water tap needs to be installed on the countertop basin. The actual situation of the countertop must be considered when purchasing.

In addition, the number of installation holes in the basin is also a detail that cannot be ignored. It is unreasonable to buy a double-handle and dual-control water tap for a single installation hole.

6. Does the connection between the water tap and the water pipe needs a no-angle valve?

All hot and cold-water taps must use angle valves to connect with water pipes, and each hot and cold water tap needs two angle valves to match.

7. Does the lightness of the water tap mean that it feels good?

When selecting, the qualified standard is light, with no bubbles, defects, or scratches. When selecting, press the surface of the water faucet with your finger, and the fingerprints will quickly dissipate, indicating that the coating is good, and the more printed the fingerprints, the worse it will be.

After the appearance is selected, you should also try the feel of the water faucet, whether the switch is smooth, and the switch with an extensive range of up and down, left. Suitable switches can stably adjust the water temperature.

8. If the force is too high, should it be closed tightly?

Many people are accustomed to using some force to close the water faucet tightly after using the faucet, which is very undesirable. This will not only prevent water leakage but will cause damage to the sealing valve and cause the water faucet to be loosely closed.

9. The heavier the water faucet, the better?

Many people think that the heavier the water faucet, the higher the purity of the material and the better the quality. It is not. There are many ways to increase the weight of the water faucet. For example, using recycled copper as raw materials and adding stainless steel parts can increase the weight of the water faucet. However, due to the difference in the selection of raw materials, the impurities contained in the product also increased. It directly causes the heavy metal content of the water faucet to exceed the standard seriously, causing secondary pollution to the water. Still, it is not healthy for the human body.

The above is all about choosing water faucets and the misunderstandings of water faucet purchases. I hope to help you. If you want to know more home information, please continue to pay attention to George bathroom.


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